Friday, April 8, 2016

12:45 PM 4/8/2016 - Today's Headlines: Podcast: Putin's Beautiful Launderette | "Кремль теряет лицо" | "Who leaked the documents?" - Panama Papers: One Week Later, Here's What We've Learned - TIMES

Podcast: Putin's Beautiful Launderette

Владимир Путин
"Кремль теряет лицо"
"4. Who leaked the documents?
Very little is known about the individual who provided the treasure trove of financial records to Süddeutsche Zeitung. The newspaper, in an article detailing how the leak came about, said an anonymous source reached out to its investigative reporter Bastian Obermayer.
“Hello. This is John Doe,” the initial message began. “Interested in data?”
When Obermayer replied that he was, the source reportedly laid down some ground rules — he said his life was in danger, the German journalist told Wired, and that they would only chat over encrypted channels without ever meeting.
When asked about his motivations, the whistle-blower said he wanted to “make these crimes public.”
Obermayer and his colleague Frederik Obermaier, who initially received all the data in batches before seeking assistance in processing it from the ICIJ, still do not know who their source is.
“We can’t disclose any numbers or times … or if we are still in contact,” Obermayer told the Washington Post via email on Wednesday, adding that there was “a lot” of back and forth through various encrypted mediums. “On some days, I chatted more with the source than with my wife,” he said.
Obermayer also said he destroyed the phone and laptop he had used to communicate with the leaker before reaching out to any of the names mentioned in the documents for comment, including Mossack Fonseca.
“I don’t know the name of the person or the identity of the person,” he added."

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