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"I am your robot! Meh, eh, eh...": Tishe, tishe, tishe, malchishi-kibalchishi! - By Tom Jones, a marine adviser at Hampton Watercraft and Other Underwater Witchy Crafts Facilities

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Thousands of dead fish cover New York canal – video

Thousands of dead fish were seen on the surface of the Sh-inne-cock Canal in Southampton, New York, on Monday, after becoming trapped inside overnight. Tom Jones, a marine adviser at Hampton Watercraft, shot drone footage of the bizarre occurrence. It is believed the fish were chased into the canal by larger predatory fish and then became trapped inside when the canal shut early Monday morning. The fish eventually dispersed back into the bay when the canal opened later on Monday. 

Sounds "fishy"! 

Was this an act of God? 

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Or an act of "god"?

Or some other act?

Maybe, because it does not really need it anymore? 

(From the book "The Art of War", by General Pozdniy-Kher)

a fish rots from the head down shakespeare

Willy-boy knew what he was talking about: he had rich experience with fishmongers, opinionmongers, warmongers, and many other mongers: 

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark..."

Our most favorite Vanyechka seconded him famously: 

Не любит узнавать ни кто себя в сатире.
Я даже видел то вчера:
Что Климыч на-руку нечист, все это знают;
Про взятки Климычу читают. 

А он украдкою кивает на Петра." (!!!)

Dig deeper! 

Explore further! 

Love the truth! Find out where that poor little doggy was buried! 

Get in touch with your inner channels of communications swarming with the little unborn dead fishkies, trapped by the "larger predators". 

(And how is this for a sermon? Will Kirill give me a medal?) 

Или, как говорил ваш великий вождь и учитель

"Point your pencil-log in the right direction", namely, to yourself, not to your neighbor's shortsighted eye! 

The pencils are mightier than your swords and are much better suited for your good old noble harakiri than your little rusty pieces of pig iron that should have been remodeled into the plowshares long time ago. 

Image result for harakiri with pencil

And your little humble programmed devil-robot will faithfully record all your little fishy moves, visible and invisible, that emit their most unforgettable scents and odors, and will preserve them for the ungrateful posterity. 

Submit with trepidation! 

If humor is a powerful weapon (oh, cry for them, Argentina!), who needs your "самые перспективные разработки, самые современные достижения науки: это и лазеры, и гиперзвук, и робототехника."?! 

I am your robot-fish, your robot-ram: "meh, eh, eh...", and your robot-killer! 
I am your laser gun, and I am your ultrasound! 
My serial number is 44357. 

Elton John - I Am Your Robot (1982) With Lyrics! 

By Tom Jones, a marine adviser at Hampton Watercraft and Other Underwater Witchy Crafts Facilities. 

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"Затерроризировал! Oy, gevalt! Meh, eh, eh..."

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