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Put it on the radio: "Attribution: Israel: Mossad masking as GRU" - San Antonio officer shot to death during traffic stop | 115 dead as train derails in north India; some still trapped!!! - Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed!!!

I'm overwhelmed: so many words, so many men! 
I've lost my gift of English speech!
- А-а-а! Милиция! Насилуют! 
- Ты чо, дурак, это же генералы! 
- А, ну если генералы, то тогда можно и потерпеть. А - а - а! Полегче, мусье генераль, we all know that you have an impressive piece of the excellent Russian equipment, - сказал Поезд, The Putna-Indore Express train... 

The rest of the key words as underlined and in bold, according to your abilities to interpret. 

Nice job, Yossi! Was Rizwan of any help? 
Nice job, Rizwan! Was Yossi of any help? 
Nice job all around! 


Indian Business Partners Hope to Exploit Their Ties to Donald Trump



PUKHRAYAN, India — At least 115 people were killed when an overnight passenger train rolled off the track in northern India early Sunday, with rescuers working into the night to pull people out of the mangled coaches, police said.
The death toll was expected to rise further because rescue workers had yet to gain access to one of the worst-damaged of the 14 coaches that derailed, said Daljeet Chaudhary, a director general of police. About 150 people were injured, he said.
The train derailed at around 3:10 a.m., jolting awake passengers who had settled in for the long trip. Survivors and bodies were retrieved from mangled coaches that had fallen on their side.
Ramchandra Tewari, a passenger who suffered a head injury, said he was asleep when he was suddenly flung to the floor of his coach.
“There was a loud sound like an earthquake. I fell from my berth and a lot of luggage fell over me,” Tewari told reporters from his hospital bed in the city of Kanpur. “I thought I was dead, and then I passed out.”
Another passenger, Satish Kumar, said the train was traveling at normal speed when it stopped suddenly.
“It restarted, and then we heard a crash,” Kumar, whose coach remained standing on the track, said at the derailment site. “When we came out of the train, we saw a few coaches had derailed.”
The cause of the derailment was not immediately clear. Accidents are relatively common on India’s sprawling rail network, which is the world’s third largest but lacks modern signaling and communication systems. Most accidents are blamed on poor maintenance and human error.
The impact of the derailment was so strong that one of the coaches landed on top of another, crushing the one below, said Brig. Anurag Chibber, who was heading the army’s rescue team.
“We fear there could be many more dead in the lower coach,” he said, adding that it was unclear how many people were in the coach.
Javeed Ahmad, the police chief of Uttar Pradesh state, where the derailment took place, said 115 bodies had been recovered from the wreckage.
The derailment occurred near the village of Pukhrayan, outside of Kanpur, an industrial city about 400 kilometers (250 miles) southeast of New Delhi. The Patna-Indore Express train, linking the central Indian city of Indore to the city of Patna to its northeast, completes its 1,360-kilometer (845-mile) journey in 27 hours.
Rescue workers, soldiers and members of India’s disaster management force reached Pukhrayan within an hour of the derailment and began pulling out people trapped in the overturned coaches.
Rescuers used cutting torches to open the derailed train cars to try to reach those trapped inside, while cranes were deployed to lift the coaches from the tracks. However, rescuers moved cautiously because some of the coaches were precariously tilted, and there was a danger that they could topple over, possibly injuring those trapped inside.
“We are being very careful in using the cutting torches,” Chaudhary said.
Medical teams provided first aid near the site, while the more seriously injured were moved to hospitals in Kanpur, Chaudhary said. Of the roughly 150 injured, 72 were in serious condition, he said.
Anxious relatives of passengers searched for their family members among the injured and the dead at hospitals in Kanpur.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his concern over the derailment.
“Anguished beyond words on the loss of lives due to the derailing of the Patna-Indore express. My thoughts are with the bereaved families,” Modi posted on his Twitter account.
Kanpur is a major railway junction, and hundreds of trains pass through the city every day. After the derailment, several trains using the line were diverted to other routes, Anil Saxena, spokesman for Indian Railways, said in New Delhi.
Rail authorities have ordered an investigation into the incident, Saxena said.
In 2012, an Indian government report said about 15,000 people are killed every year in train accidents in the country, caused mainly by outdated equipment and overstretched staff.
The country’s worst railway accident occurred in 1981, when a passenger train fell into the Baghmati River in northern India, killing nearly 800 people.
Prime Minister Modi has pledged to invest $137 billion over the next five years to modernize India’s railway network, which is used by around 23 million passengers a day.
Associated Press writers Biswajeet Banerjee in Lucknow, India, and Nirmala George in New Delhi contributed to this report.
Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 

San Antonio officer shot to death during traffic stop 

Story image for san antonio police officer killed from USA TODAY

Put it on the radio ("Marcony"): You, "West Nueva", you, "Santa Rosa" (hint: we know your "past"), you, "Saint", Un-tony ("San Antonio") - (borrowed by the "authors" from the previous, unpublished interpretation of one of the earlier messages, probably one of their own), Be next, Jay, Amin! ("Benjamin"); mark, ONI (Office of National Intelligence), mark, you, O, Nova "Iuda" (Judas) - ("Marconi")!

Key Words: 
Benjamin Marconi 
San Antonio police
West Nueva Street
Santa Rosa Street 
SAPD Chief William McManus said

Israel: Mossad masking as GRU and/or acting in concert (!!!), their happy alliance and cooperation is not a secret at all. 

Fiery Middle Eastern temperament, felt offended by a "slight" of the reference to a "junior intelligence officer", very nice concentration of the key words, but excessively and deliberately concentrated, the use of reference to "Iuda - Judas" (Russians would not use it, for them all Jews are Iudas anyway, by default and by definition), etc., etc. 

Conclusions and Recommendations: 
Nice try, Yossi, you are a fast learner. Do not try too hard, though: it shows. Let us know next time, we'll send Jared to take some nice pictures. 
And, just in case, I will take a bullet from my fellow Jew, and especially from you, at any time and as a blessing; it is better than from a non-Jew and/or from anyone else. 

Other conclusions and recommendations, including to ONI, regarding "the eyes wide shut" status, are omitted from this writing for the benefits of further clarity. 

Michael Novakhov 

San Antonio officer shot to death during traffic stop

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Detective Benjamin Marconi, a 20-year veteran of the department, was shot in his patrol car outside police headquarters, Chief William McManus said Sunday in a news conference. Marconi was 50 years old.
"[When] Most families will be celebrating the holidays SAPD will be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to justice," McManus said.
Police are looking for the vehicle the suspect is believed to have fled in, a black sedan with chrome rims and dark covered windows. McManus described the suspect as a slim black man in his 20s or 30s in a gray shirt and gray pants.
"We consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public," he said.
San Antonio police are looking for the person who drove the car away from a police shooting.
San Antonio police are looking for the person who drove the car away from a police shooting.
The shooting occurred in front of police headquarters before noon, McManus said. Marconi had just pulled over a driver on the south side of the building and returned to his patrol car to write a ticket when the suspect pulled up behind him.
The suspect walked up to the patrol car driver window and shot the officer in the head, McManus said. The suspect then reached through the open window and shot him a second time, McManus said.
After the shooting the suspect returned to his vehicle and drove away.
Cops' families: We worry every day
Cops' families: We worry every day


Both of those incidents followed police-involved shootings of civilians that triggered protests nationwide. Police are investigating motive in this case, including a possible connection to a Sunday morning officer-involved shooting in Dallas, McManus said.
"Unfortunately, like Dallas like Baton Rouge, it's happened here," he said.
"It's always difficult especially in this day and age where police are being targeted across the county," he added. "Hopefully we'll solve this one real quick, and if this individual is a danger to more police or anyone else we will try to get him off the street as soon as we can."
San Antonio Mayor Ivy R. Taylor condemned the shooting and called for patience while the investigation continues.
"I want to extend my deepest condolences to the family of the officer killed outside police headquarters today as well as to our entire police force. This type of crime cannot and will not be tolerated. I ask for the community's thoughtfulness and patience as the investigation continues and SAPD searches for the suspect," Taylor said.
Read the whole story

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San Antonio officer killed in ambush during traffic stop next to police HQ | Texas

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"This is everyone's worst nightmare," McManus said. "You never want to see anything like this happen. Unfortunately, like Dallas, like Baton Rouge, it's happened here now."
McManus said officers in San Antonio have been targeted in the past, but this is the first instance in many years. He said police are targeted everywhere on a regular basis.
"It's always difficult, especially in this day and age where police are being targeted across the country," McManus said. "Hopefully we'll solve this one real quick."

SAPD officer shot, killed near police headquarters

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SAN ANTONIO –- An officer was shot outside the San Antonio Police headquarters building in downtown San Antonio late Sunday morning.
Authorities responded to the scene at 11:40 a.m. on West Nueva Street and Santa Rosa Street, SAPD Chief William McManus said.
McManus said the officer had pulled over a vehicle outside of the Public Safety Headquarters. While the officer was inside his vehicle writing a ticket, a black vehicle pulled up behind him.
The driver of that vehicle got out, walked up to the officer’s driver-side window and shot the officer in the head, McManus said.
Then the suspect reached into the window and shot the officer a second time, he said.
The suspect then got back in his car and pulled away. Police believe the suspect’s vehicle was a black Toyota or Nissan sedan.
Suspect's car in the officer-involved shooting (Photo: SAPD)  
Police said the officer was pronounced dead at San Antonio Military Medical Center around 12:30 p.m. Sunday.
He was a 20-year veteran of the force. His name has not yet been released.
McManus said the suspect is a black male around five-foot-seven to six feet in height, wearing a gray sweatshirt and black baggy pants. The suspect also has a beard.
Police said they do not know what the motive for the shooting was.


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