Khodorkovsky Launches Movement To Challenge Putin

Khodorkovsky Launches Movement To Challenge Putin

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Russian ex-tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky has launched a movement to unite pro-European Russians in a bid to challenge President Vladimir Putin's grip on power.

New Russian Aid Convoy Enters Ukraine - RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

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New Russian Aid Convoy Enters Ukraine
Trucks with a Russian "humanitarian" convoy are shown parked near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky in Russia's Rostov region on September 19. Tweet · Follow @RFERL. September 20, 2014. Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry says Russia has delivered what it ...

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2013: Experiment looks at dark matter 

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Could scientists have found proof of dark matter? Nick Paton Walsh reports on the potential significance of the find.
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ISIS releases 49 hostages to Turkey 

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ISIS has released hostages, including diplomats, to Turkey. CNN's Ana Cabrera reports.
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Ukraine agrees to no-fire zone with pro-Russian rebels - Chicago Tribune

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Ukraine agrees to no-fire zone with pro-Russian rebels
Chicago Tribune
MINSK, Belarus — Ukraine and separatists mapped out a no-fire zone to strengthen a shaky cease-fire in the east as rebels continued to shell government positions, a munitions plant exploded and a Russian aid convoy reached Donetsk. The agreement to ...

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Islamic State frees 49 Turkish hostages captured in Iraq

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ANKARA, Turkey — Dozens of Turkish diplomatic workers held hostage by the Islamic State in Iraq were freed Saturday, resolving a serious crisis that Turkish officials had long cited as a reason to avoid moving aggressively against the violent militant group.
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‘The Guest’ | Anatomy of a Scene w/ Director Adam Wingard | The New York Times 

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Adam Wingard narrates a sequence from his film “The Guest,” written by Simon Barrett and featuring Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe. Produced by: Mekado Murphy Read the story here:
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Fears Ebola Outbreak ‘Beyond Our Capability to Contain’

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Each day brings with it new warnings about the deadly Ebola outbreak already blamed for killing more than 2,600 people across West Africa. And while countries and international organizations like the United Nations are starting to come through on promises of help for those most affected, the unprecedented speed with which the virus has spread is raising questions about the international response. VOA's Jeff Seldin has more from Washington.

Soaring rate of eye infections 'linked to cheap internet contact lenses', experts warn

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Opticians have warned that people saving money by purchasing contact lenses online, avoiding paying for a prescription, are putting their eyes at risk of irreparable damage from infection.

“Ebola Martyrs” Have Now Reached South America, US Warned Is Next 

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The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is warning today that a “strong contingent” of Islamic State (IS) “Ebola Martyrs” they had previously described in their 15 August report, and who are preparing to target the United States, have now reached the South American nation of Venezuela where at least 10 people have died showing symptoms of this feared disease during the past week.
Important to note on how these “Ebola Martyrs” were able to enter Venezuela, this report says, is that IS has joined forces with the West African Islamic terror group Boko Haram to create a “Super Caliphate” they call “The Land of Alkinanana”, and which in turn, according to the Inter-University Centre for Terrorism Studies (IUCTS), is being funded by Latin American drug cartels.
So powerful and lucrative has this IS-Boko Haram-Latin American Drug Cartel “alliance from hell” become, this report continues, the Africa Economic Development Institute (AEDI) is now warning that up two-thirds of the cocaine that is on its way from South America to Europe now passes through West Africa utilizing these terrorists Atlantic Ocean smuggling routes.
This new SVR report further states that these “Ebola Martyrs” have, likewise, targeted the United Kingdom, Australia and Belgium over the past fortnight leading to Britain ordering its alert system to one of its highest levels, Australia to conduct massive raids against suspected Islamic terrorists, and Belgium’s intelligence services announcing earlier today that they had prevented several terror attacks, which were planned by Muslim Belgians, who had returned from Syria where they supported the IS militants.
To if these “Ebola Martyrs” have already infiltrated the US from South America using already established drug routes, this SVR report notes, the evidence appears it is extremely likely after US Congressman Jason Chaffetz announced this past Wednesday that four known Islamic terrorists were apprehended at the US border in Texas on 10 September.
Midland County Texas Sheriff Gary Painter further stated that “Quran books” linked to IS were found on the US-Mexican border this past week, this report continues, and that a review of IS social media messaging during the week ending 26 August caused the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue a “situational awareness” bulletin that these terrorists were expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US to stage terror attacks.
Not just from the Mexican border are these IS “Ebola Martyrs” attempting to enter the US through either, the SVR warns, as moderate Muslims in Canada have also raised the alarm that theircongregations are being infiltrated by terrorist groups.
Pacifist Canadian leader Syed Soharwardy, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC), received death threats from IS extremists for calling attention to their recruitment. “Absolutely I am convinced that this recruitment is going on right here in this country, under our noses, in our universities, in our colleges, in the places of worship, in our community”, he told Canadian public television.
As the SVR in their previous report highly detailed how these “Ebola Martyrs” were being created by using the blood of disease ridden patients to spread this deadly virus through restaurants and road side cafes, this new report grimly notes that IS-Boko Haram terrorists are now offering large sums of money for the blood of newly infected patients…though this news has been greatly distorted by the Western press.
Most intriguing about the Ebola virus itself outlined in this report are the Russian scientists working on a vaccine concurring with one of the world’s top experts on this disease, Doctor-Scientist Vincent Racaniello, a virologist at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, that the unprecedented spread of this disease not only isn’t airborne now… it is impossible for it to ever be.
According to Dr. Racaniello’s analysis of this particular Ebola virus strain he plainly states: “It is instructive, however, to see what viruses have done in the past, and use that information to guide our thinking. Therefore we can ask: has any human virus ever changed its mode of transmission? The answer is no. We have been studying viruses for over 100 years, and we’ve never seen a human virus change the way it is transmitted.”
Even in the case of scientists manipulating the Ebola virus to be airborne Dr. Racaniello notes: “The message is clear: gain of function (airborne transmission) is accompanied by loss of function (virulence).”
If this Ebola virus is not airborne then, SVR intelligence analysts in this report state, the only way to describe its unprecedented spread is by “manipulated human means”…meaning “someone” is deliberately spreading this disease.
Though this “fact” on how the Ebola virus is being spread isn’t being discussed in the West, this report grimly notes, it is known throughout Western Africa, and where just yesterday, near the city of Nzerekore in Guinea, eight health care workers were brutally murdered over fears they were spreading the disease, and Sierra Leone confined its 6 million people to their homes for the next three days in order to capture the terrorists responsible for targeting them.
Raising even greater fears among West Africans regarding this catastrophic Ebola outbreak is being spread by “Westerners”, this SVR report continues, was that Doctor-Scientist Pardis Sabeti, an Associate Professor at the Center for Systems Biology at Harvard University, had already established bio-security level-4 diagnostic testing infrastructure in West Africa before the first signs of this Ebola outbreak emerged in Guinea this past February.
Even though a full-length sequence analysis conducted by an international team that published its findings online in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) revealed that the current Ebola virus “clade” is separate from other known viruses of its kind, SVR intelligence analysts in this report do find that Dr. Sabeti’s actions in Western African prior to this unprecedented outbreak are “highly suspect” in light of her US “paymasters” recent attempts to patent as many Ebola virus variants as possible.
One such patent issued (US 20120251502 A1) and exampled in this SVR report is on the “EboBun” variant of the Ebola virus that was filed on 26 October 2009 and whose original assignee was designated The Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health.
Even though Dr. Sabeti acknowledged her fears of this disease by stating “We’ve been really overwhelmed by what’s going on, this is an extraordinary emergency on an unprecedented scale.” after five members of her team died of Ebola, this report says, neither her nor the US government have yet revealed what exactly she was working on in the first place immediately prior to this outbreak occurring.
And as the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has now warned that this Ebola outbreak could infect up to 500,000 by the end of January, and President Obama has rushed 3,000 troops to West Africa in an attempt to stop these “Ebola Martyrs”, this report concludes, the new evidence showing that these IS terrorists are already in Venezuela may prove that too little was done soon enough to prevent this catastrophe from growing.
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Hamlet review Maxine Peake is a delicately ferocious Prince of Denmark 

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Royal Exchange, Manchester
The gender switches in Sarah Frankcoms Hamlet may unsettle for a moment but they do not distort the play
Her face gleams keenly under an immaculate, straw-coloured David Bowie barnet. She wears a dark blue trouser suit that might have been imagined by a fashion-conscious Chairman Mao. She is a stripling prince, almost pre-sexual, who glides, without swagger and without girlishness. Straightaway, Maxine Peake knocks on the head one of the paradoxes of Hamlet. The speeches that come out of the princes mouth are about dissolving, yet the person who delivers them has to be the most distinct, intense character on stage.
Peakes delicate ferocity, her particular mixture of concentration and lightness, ensure that you want to follow her whenever she appears. Anger is her keynote. Her voice is reedy with indignation. The speeches tumble out at high speed, as if she is surprised by her own fervour. Some dark and disturbing notes she does not hit. She is precise rather than cloudy, cutting rather than meditative. She is a damn good fencer.
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Mikhail Khodorkovsky breaks political silence, saying he would lead Russia 

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The former oil tycoon and adversary of president Vladimir Putin has launched a pro-European political platform from exile
The former tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who spent a decade in jail after challenging the Kremlin, says he would be ready to lead Russia if called upon.
Khodorkovskys statement, at the launch of an online movement called Open Russia, appears to break his promise to steer clear of politics, which he made after being pardoned by president Vladimir Putin in December.
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G20 nations split on Russian leader Vladimir Putin's visit to Brisbane, Julie ... - ABC Online

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Brisbane Times

G20 nations split on Russian leader Vladimir Putin's visit to Brisbane, Julie ...
ABC Online
G20 nations are divided on whether to ban Russian president Vladimir Putin from the leaders' summit in Brisbane later this year, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says. The Federal Government and Opposition have been highly critical of Russia's response to the ...
Hockey hails progress on G20 targets for job growthThe Age
G20 growth targets achievable, IMF, OECD estimates showThe Australian
G20 chiefs probe economic growthGulf Daily News
Deutsche Welle -Wall Street Journal
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U.S. Criticizes Efforts to Intimidate Times Reporter in Turkey

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The correspondent has been attacked online and denounced as a traitor after publication of an article about Islamic State recruiting in Turkey.

In Ruins of Ukrainian Town, Residents Crave Food, Water and Peace - New York Times

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New York Times

In Ruins of Ukrainian Town, Residents Crave Food, Water and Peace
New York Times
A pro-Russian rebel walking in the rubble of the Luhansk airport recently after Ukrainian forces were driven out. Credit Mauricio Lima for The New York Times. Continue reading the main story. Continue reading the main story. Continue reading the main story ... 
Ukraine deal with pro-Russian rebels at Minsk talksBBC News
Kiev, pro-Russia rebels chalk out peace plan to ease tension in Eastern UkraineBusiness Standard

Ukraine: Donetsk rebel weapons factory blows upeuronews 
The Nation-
 Voice of America
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The world according to Google 

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Our lives are being mapped by the internet. But is it wise to let the likes of Google decide what becomes our cultures collective memory?
Google is debating the right to forget. Not the right of the individual to forget, of course (they dont have the technology for that, at least not yet). Google is debating the right of the individual to ask to be forgotten by it the vast commercial entity that now acts as our cultures entire collective memory.
Earlier this year, a ruling by the European Court of Justice allowed people to ask Google to remove information about them from its search index. So far, 90,000 individuals have applied for data to be deleted everything from embarrassing photographs to information about criminal trials. Google opposes the ruling and is running seven public meetings about how best to balance the individuals right to be forgotten with the publics right to information (you can apply to attend, if you like, I have to be honest, Im probably not going to go. Im too busy coming to terms with the fact that I live in a culture which has delegated the task of mapping the limits of our collective knowledge to an entirely unaccountable commercial entity. I dont remember a single meeting about that decision, never mind seven.
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Oddly enough, Moscow is becoming ‘European’

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Not Paris. (Dan Peleschuk/GlobalPost)
MOSCOW, Russia — Scan the headlines these days, and it might seem like Russia’s doing everything it can — banning food imports, demonizing liberal values — to distance itself from the West. 
The funny thing is, its capital is actually starting to look a lot more European.
Young families stroll through freshly laid pedestrian zones. Hip urbanites enjoy summertime tapas at sidewalk cafes. Fixed-gear bicycles are no longer a totally strange sight.
Amid punishing sanctions and the threat of a new Cold War, Moscow is taking pages fromEurope’s urban design playbook and undergoing a major facelift aimed at improving quality of life — even if it doesn’t quite gel with the geopolitics.
Observers say this sprawling post-communist metropolis of around 12 million, with its smattering of freshly manicured parks and pedestrian walkways, is beginning to embrace the value of public space.
“For now, Moscow is advancing very quickly,” said Alexey Krasheninnikov, a professor at the Moscow Architectural Institute.
By most standards, Russia’s capital has drastically shape-shifted during the past century or so.
From a Tsarist hub dotted with charming imperial architecture and golden-domed churches, Moscow transformed throughout the Soviet era into a concrete megalopolis where hulking buildings anchored wide boulevards. 
Moscow is still chock-full of Soviet-style apartment blocs. (Dan Peleschuk/GlobalPost)
Then, says Krasheninnikov, the collapse of the Soviet Union gave way to a flood of private development in the capital, much of it poorly regulated by the authorities. This led to a staggering imbalance: while today central Moscow is home to most of the city’s business, the vast majority of its residents live outside the center.
That, in turn, has produced mind-numbing traffic, crippling pollution and a generally unpleasant environment.
But in recent years, city authorities under a revamped technocratic leadership have begun sprucing up public spaces here with an eye toward transforming Moscow’s often jarring landscape.
They even recruited prominent Danish urban planner Jan Gehl — a major proponent of bike lanes and pedestrian areas — to gauge the city’s needs, and from the looks of it, they listened to him.
Sleek pedestrian walkways have sprouted in central Moscow, as have bike lanes and newly fashioned streets featuring narrower roads and more sidewalk space. The city has become just a bit greener.
Residents stroll down a street in a central Moscow shopping district renovated last year. (Dan Peleschuk/GlobalPost)
Officials have also embraced the internet: Residents can visit an online portal to log complaints on everything from crumbling steps outside their front doors to lurid billboards sullying their neighborhoods.
Grigoriy Revzin, a prominent architectural critic, says the city’s urban policy has been guided by European trends toward functional design that emerged after the 2008 financial crisis, a notion first promoted here by a new breed of urban planners.
“That’s when it turned out that the main things … are not the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and not Lord Foster’s ‘Gherkin’ in London — but parks, beaches, landscapes, bicycles and so on,” he wrote last month in the Kommersant business daily
Revzin hails a new crowdsourcing initiative called “What Moscow Wants” as a further embodiment of that pragmatic spirit.
Led by manager Olga Polishuk, the project has taken a democratic approach to city planning by having collected anonymous proposals from residents across the Russian capital on ways to improve public spaces.
From the original pool of ideas, organizers teamed up with architects to develop 84 projects, which range from ultra-modern pedestrian bridges to quirky urban gardens.
Now they’re hoping to convince the local government to bring them to fruition.
Polishuk, digital director of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow, which has played an important role in Moscow's urban redevelopment, said she was partially inspired by the fact that city planners were “not asking people what they really want.”
“We understand that people, actually, are the most important part of all of these processes — they’re actually somebody who you’re working for,” she said.
The project is hoping to build upon the example of places like Gorky Park, the expansive riverside common in central Moscow that’s become the shining standard for the city’s redevelopment of public space.
Where rickety, Soviet-era amusement rides once creaked overhead, hip new cafes have arrived, with beanbags for seating scattered across the lawns. Gourmet food stands and smoothie kiosks abound.  
Polishuk says the park — which the Strelka Institute helped renovate — “became a symbol of changing” for Russia’s approach to its public spaces, and she hopes it’ll serve as an example for other cities here.
Gorky Park. (Dan Peleschuk/GlobalPost)
Moscow’s latest enhancement came this summer, when several downtown streets were torn up and laid with new asphalt, sweeping sidewalks and elegant fixtures. Now, they put the pedestrian first and provide this former Soviet stronghold with an air of Paris or Vienna.
City planners even admitted during the development stage that they were looking to Amsterdam as a model.
“You really kind of feel like you’re not in Moscow,” said Polishuk, referring to one of those redeveloped streets in her neighborhood.
All this, however, fits strangely with what some observers say is Russia’s increasingly isolationist policies abroad.
As the Kremlin locks horns with the West over Ukraine, officials here have trumpeted the virtues of a unique Russian identity at odds with liberal European values.
The patriotic masses — Putin’s conservative support base — are caught up in an anti-Western frenzy, while state television regularly pumps out allegations that a “fifth column” of liberal conspirators is aiming to topple the existing order.
When officials here banned many Western food imports last month, they promoted a spirit of defiant self-reliance.
It’s a strange paradox, but not illogical: Critics say the tough talk is aimed at the conservative, often rural majority, while the urban splendors of Moscow are meant to keep the discontented minority — that is, the liberal-minded city folk — at bay.
According to urban designer Yuriy Milevskiy, they amount to a “political project” aiming to show well-traveled Muscovites that, “‘Look, we’re together with the world.’”
He also suggests such surface-level improvements help mask corruption in other major projects, some of which — like new highways — actually do little to alleviate some of the city’s more pressing problems.
If there is a strategy, it’s at least partly worked.
The urban middle-class that once fueled the anti-Kremlin street protests of 2011-2012 appears to have lost most of its interest in politics. It helps that their leading activists have been either hounded or defanged by authorities.
Oleg Kozyrev, an opposition activist and blogger, says it’s difficult to tell whether Moscow’s facelift is sincerely for the good of the people, or aimed at placating the masses.
But pointing to Gorky Park, he said there is an implicit trade-off involved.
“It’s a genuinely great place for people to relax on a Sunday,” he said, “then come back on Monday for an unsanctioned march and face a jail term for however many years.”
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2Independence as last hope among Glasgow's dispossessed

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Exclusive: Iran seeks give and take on militants, nuclear program

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UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Iran is ready to work with the United States and its allies to stop Islamic State militants, but would like to see more flexibility on Iran's uranium enrichment program, senior Iranian officials told Reuters.


Bill Clinton says must ''do whatever it takes'' to fight Ebola - Zee News

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Bill Clinton says must ''do whatever it takes'' to fight Ebola
Zee News
Washington: New initiatives from the United States, Britain, France and other countries to help fight the Ebola epidemic that has been spreading exponentially in West Africa marked a "good beginning," former President Bill Clinton said on Saturday, but said ...

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Day 9 begins in hunt for trooper slaying suspect -

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Day 9 begins in hunt for trooper slaying suspect
Pennsylvania State Troopers meet in the parking lot at the Barrett Township Volunteer Fire Company on Saturday, Sept, 20, 2014, near Canadensis, Pa., during the search for suspected killer Eric Frein. Frein is suspected of fatally shooting a state trooper and ...

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UN Security Council calls for int'l support to fight ISIL - Xinhua

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UN Security Council calls for int'l support to fight ISIL
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the UN Securty Council for September, attends a UN Security Council meeting on the situation of Iraq, at the UN headquarters in New York, on Sept. 19, 2014. The UN Security ... 
Exclusive - Iran seeks give and take on militants, nuclear programmeReuters UK
Lack of Trust Keeps Iran, US Away From CoalitionABC News

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Pope flags Christian-Muslim ties in Albania - U.S. News & World Report

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Pope flags Christian-Muslim ties in Albania
U.S. News & World Report
Pope Francis waves as he boards a plane on his way to Albania, at Rome's Fiumicino international airport, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014. Pope Francis, who is traveling to Albania for a one-day trip, said he wanted to visit the country to highlight the rebirth of ...

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G-20 Continues Growth Push

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Finance ministers from the world's biggest economies reaffirmed a pledge to sharply boost world growth through more infrastructure spending, amid demands for some participants—especially European countries—to do more.

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Antiwar Marches To Be Held In Moscow, St. Petersburg

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Antiwar demonstrations against Russia's role in violence in eastern Ukraine are expected to take place in Russia's two largest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Families of German MH17 victims to sue Ukraine: lawyer

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BERLIN (Reuters) - Survivors of German victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 downed over Ukraine plan to sue the country and its president for manslaughter by negligence in 298 cases, the lawyer representing them said on Sunday.

Pope Denounces Perversion of Religion for Violence - NDTV

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Pope Denounces Perversion of Religion for Violence
Tirana, Albania: Pope Francis denounced how religion has been "perverted" to justify violence as he arrived in Albania to highlight a Balkan nation that endured brutal religious oppression but where Christians and Muslims now live and work together.

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Afghan Rivals Sign Deal to Share Power

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Afghanistan's two rival presidential candidates agreed to share power in a unity government, apparently ending a three-month crisis over the disputed election's results.

Pope, on trip to mainly Muslim Albania, condemns Islamist militants

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TIRANA Albania (Reuters) - Pope Francis, in his strongest criticism of Islamist militants to date, said on Sunday no religious group which used violence and oppression could claim to be "the armor of God".

Man Pokes Crocodile In Eye To Stop Attack

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Stephen Moreen was bitten on the arm and then taken under the water by the two-metre reptile, which did a "death roll".

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White House suffers two intruders in two days - video

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A man was arrested on Saturday for trespassing at the White House, one day after an intruder from Texas scaled a fence and made it inside the doors while President Barack Obama was away. The Friday suspect, identified as 42-year-old Omar J Gonzalez, was armed with a knife. Both incidents have prompted fresh criticism of the secret service Continue reading...

Will China help Obama fight the Islamic State?

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The Communist Party has long insisted on refusing to “interfere with the internal affairs” of sovereign states, a policy pointedly directed at others to stay out of China’s domestic affairs.  But Beijing’s status — as the world’s second biggest economy, with an increasingly powerful military — is bringing with it the uncomfortable realization that such a simplistic stance is tougher to maintain.

Together We Stand | Modern Love | The New York Times

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After two failed marriages, Anna March finally found love, security and happiness — despite all appearances — with her “disabled” husband, Adam. Produced by: Scott Wenner Read the...
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Ukraine says ceasefire violations hold up creation of buffer zone

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KIEV (Reuters) - The Ukrainian military accused separatists and Russian troops on Sunday of continuing to shoot at government forces despite a Sept. 5 ceasefire and said Kiev would not go ahead with setting up a proposed buffer zone until the truce violations stopped.

Czech Named Head Of NATO Military Committee

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The chief-of-staff of the Czech Republic's armed forces has been named the chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

Iran, China Prepare For Joint Naval Exercises

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Chinese warships have docked at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf as the two countries prepare to conduct joint naval exercises.
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Главком НАТО в Европе назвал Минские соглашения пустой формальностью - Полит.ру

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Главком НАТО в Европе назвал Минские соглашения пустой формальностью
Главнокомандующий объединенными силами НАТО в Европе генерал Филипп Бридлав назвал Минские соглашения о перемирии на востоке Украины пустой формальностью, сообщает Reuters. Бридлав указал, что частота обстрелов остается такой же, как в начале сентября, несмотря ...
Боевые действия на Донбассе продолжаются – генерал НАТОКорреспондент.net
Бридлав: минские соглашения носят формальный характерПронедра
Натовский генерал усомнился в эффективности перемирия на Украине
Свежие новости сегодня. Последние новости интернет издания "Fresh-News" -BBC Russian -Общественный контроль
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Военный комитет НАТО возглавит начальник чешского генштаба - Коммерсантъ

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РИА Новости

Военный комитет НАТО возглавит начальник чешского генштаба
Начальник чешского генерального штаба генерал Петр Павел был избран на должность председателя Военного комитета НАТО на заседании этой структуры в литовском Вильнюсе, сообщает 21 сентября ИТАР-ТАСС со ссылкой на пресс-секретаря генштаба Яну Ружичкову. «По ...
Военный комитет НАТО возглавит чешский генералВести.Ru
Председателем военного комитета НАТО стал чех Петр ПавелПронедра
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F-22 fighters intercept Russian military planes 55 miles off Alaska - Fox News

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Fox News

F-22 fighters intercept Russian military planes 55 miles off Alaska
Fox News
Two U.S. F-22 fighter jets intercepted six Russian military airplanes that were flying near Alaska, military officials said Friday. Lt. Col. Michael Jazdyk, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said the jets ...
Russian planes intercepted near US, Canadian airspaceCNN
US, Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraftUSA TODAY
​US, Canada military report Russian military planes at borderRT 
Christian Science Monitor-BBC News
 -Toronto Star
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BBC News
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Mikhail Khodorkovsky breaks political silence, saying he would lead Russia - The Guardian

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The Guardian

Mikhail Khodorkovsky breaks political silence, saying he would lead Russia
The Guardian
The former tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who spent a decade in jail after challenging the Kremlin, says he would be ready to lead Russia if called upon. Khodorkovsky's statement, at the launch of an online movement called Open Russia, appears to break ...
Putin foe Khodorkovsky 'willing to lead Russia'Yahoo News 

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Kremlin Foe Mikhail Khodorkovsky 'Willing to Lead Russia'NDTV

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Ukraine deal with pro-Russian rebels at Minsk talks - BBC News

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BBC News

Ukraine deal with pro-Russian rebels at Minsk talks
BBC News
Ukraine's government and pro-Russia rebels have agreed a memorandum on a peace plan for the eastern conflict. The nine-point deal includes setting up a 30km (19-mile) buffer zone, a ban on overflights of part of eastern Ukraine by military aircraft and ...
Ukraine's govt makes deal with pro-Russian 
Provide Ukraine with the military aid it needs to deter Russia's aggressionWashington Post

Report: Ukraine, pro-Russia rebels agree to new ceasefire 
Stars and Stripes-Huffington Post
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ООН оценила нанесенный востоку Украины ущерб в 440 миллионов долларов - Российская Газета

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ООН оценила нанесенный востоку Украины ущерб в 440 миллионов долларов
Российская Газета
Обстрелы и бомбардировки нанесли инфраструктуре Луганской и Донецкой областям убыток в размере 440 миллионов долларов. Такие цифры называет Управление ООН по координации гуманитарных вопросов. За время конфликта были повреждены почти 2000 объектов, в том ...
ООН оценила ущерб инфраструктуре Донецка и Луганска в $440 млнBFM.Ru
ООН оценила моральный ущерб от украинского конфликта в $440 миллионовРосбалт.RU
ООН о Донецке и Луганске: инфраструктуре нанесен ущерб в 440 млнГлавред -ЛІГА.net -Полит.ру
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У США есть более опасный противник, чем "Исламское государство" - Вести.Ru

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РИА Новости

У США есть более опасный противник, чем "Исламское государство"
По данным американских властей, стране угрожает не только "Исламское государство", но и другая сирийская группировка, возглавляемая соратником Усамы бен Ладена. Информация об этом появилась в газете New York Times. Ссылаясь на неназванный источник в структуре ...
Ближайший соратник бен Ладена создал группировку для атак на СШАИнтерфакс
Разведка США обнаружила угрозу серьезнее «Исламского государства»РБК
NYT: у США есть угроза серьезнее «Исламского государства»Газета.Ru
BFM.Ru -Комсомольская правда -Аргументы и факты
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Russia's Putin Set to Attend G-20 Summit in Australia in November - Wall Street Journal

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Wall Street Journal

Russia's Putin Set to Attend G-20 Summit in Australia in November
Wall Street Journal
It was previously unclear whether Russia would participate in November's summit given the unresolved conflict in Ukraine. Moscow criticized the Australian government after it had suggested it wouldn't invite Mr. Putin to the meeting in Brisbane on ...
Joe Hockey says Russia can attend G20 forum despite anger over UkraineThe Guardian
G20 finance ministers talk growth, taxes and RussiaDeutsche Welle
G20 has no disputes on global agenda - deputy ministerITAR-TASS 
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Ходорковский заявил, что готов стать президентом России -

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Ходорковский заявил, что готов стать президентом России
Михаил Ходорковский, покинувший Россию после помилования экс-глава ЮКОСа, заявил, что готов стать президентом РФ, если того потребует кризисная ситуация, сообщает французская газета Le Monde. Накануне Ходорковский по телемосту принял участие в форуме "Открытая ...
Ходорковский хочет стать президентом РоссииПравда.Ру
Ходорковский: Я готов стать президентом для преодоления кризисаЮГА.ру
Ходорковский заявил о готовности стать президентомВедомости
Аргументы и факты -Вести.Ru
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Силовики взорвали мост и обстреляли ополченцев - Российская Газета

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РИА Новости

Силовики взорвали мост и обстреляли ополченцев
Российская Газета
При обстреле украинскими силовиками, использовавшими систему залпового огня "Град", пострадали ополченцы, есть погибший и раненые. Об этом сообщает РИА Новости со ссылкой на штаб Донецкой народной республики. читайте также. Фото: Maxim Shemetov/ Reuters ... 
ДНР заявила о гибели ополченца при обстреле со стороны силовиковВерсии.сом

ДНР: 1 ополченец погиб, 7 ранены в результате обстрела со стороны украинских силовиковКоммерсантъ 
Официальные власти ДНР заявляют о 7 случаях нарушения режима прекращения огня за прошедшие сутки

Новости Украины | Новостное агентство ХАРЬКОВ
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NATO: Ukraine Cease-Fire Is 'in Name Only'

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NATO's top military commander says he is hopeful the new agreement to create a buffer zone between Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian separatists will calm the conflict. However, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove said the current situation was "not good," with Russian troops still inside Ukraine. Breedlove said the cease-fire signed earlier this month was "in name only" with violence levels in the past few days as high as they were before the truce. Under the new pact reached in Minsk Saturday, Ukrainian troops and the separatists must each pull back their artillery 15 kilometers from the front line to form a 30-kilometer buffer zone. The so-called "Minsk Memorandum" also requires both sides to withdraw all foreign "mercenaries" from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. Moscow has denied accusations by Ukraine and Western nations that Russian troops have been fighting alongside the rebels. But, Breedlove said Russian forces were in eastern Ukraine, even though their numbers have decreased. He said some have returned to the Russian side of the border, but have not returned home and "are still available to bring their military force to bear on Ukraine should it be desired." Russia's ambassador to Ukraine told reporters after the Minsk meeting Saturday that both sides have employed foreign mercenaries. Saturday's agreement, negotiated by representatives of Ukraine, Russia, the separatists and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), aims to reinforce the September 5 cease-fire, which has been repeatedly violated. Monitors from the OSCE will oversee the pullout from the buffer zone. The OSCE said the "security and freedom of movement" of its monitors "will be essential for them to do the work that has been entrusted to them." Even as the new agreement appeared set to ease tensions, explosions rocked a munitions factory in the rebel-held city of Donetsk Saturday, with media reports identifying shelling as the cause. Separately Saturday, a convoy of Russian trucks entered Ukraine with humanitarian aid for Donetsk - the third such convoy sent to eastern Ukraine in recent weeks. The convoys have crossed the border without Ukrainian authorities' permission, leading Kyiv to question whether Moscow is using the shipments to supply the separatists with weapons. In addition to the issue of continued strikes and clashes, negotiators have yet to address the most difficult aspect of the conflict - the future status of the rebel-held regions.

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Window on Eurasia: Putin Cleverly Exploits Three Weaknesses of the West 

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Paul Goble


            Staunton, September 21 – Vladimir Putin appears stronger than he is because he is exploiting three weaknesses of the West: confusion among journalists of balance and objectivity, a desire to get a ceasefire rather than to repulse aggression, and a punish Moscow politically and not just economically.


            The Kremlin leader’s clever use of these three weaknesses – and they are far from the only Western weaknesses at present – have been very much on public view this week, and unless the West finds the strength to correct them, Putin’s aggression against his own people and other countries will continue.


            First, as has been true since the start of Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine, Putin has exploited the increasing proclivity of Western journalists to equate balance with objectivity.  He and his minions have flooded the media with statements that are simply not true, but many Western outlets report them as part of the story, without identifying them as false.


            That allows such journalists to claim objectivity, but it creates a situation in which there is little or no pressure on Western governments to do the right thing. Many will not describe what Moscow is doing as an invasion because Putin says there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, despite massive evidence to the contrary.


            As a result, in all too many cases, Putin’s lies have defined the situation rather than facts on the ground, and the Western media’s focus on balance – on presenting all sides of the case even if one or more is untrue – gives thuggish leaders like him an opening that they should not have but will not exploit.


            It is of course true that the Western media is more ready to do this with Moscow than it is with any other government, but a simple test is all that is required to see how bad reporting has been: If any other regime were doing what Putin’s is doing, would Western media outlets be describing it in the same way?


            Second, Western governments approach every conflict as an occasion to get a ceasefire rather than to defeat aggression out of a belief that diplomacy alone can solve the problem and reach a solution.  But there are at least two obvious problems with that, as the current Minsk Accords show.


            On the one hand, moves toward a ceasefire rather than toward a restoration of the status quo ante have the effect of allowing the aggressor to pocket at least a good part of what he has seized, to claim moral equivalence, and to use so-called “frozen conflicts” to promote its policies of domination as Moscow has done for the last 15 years.


            And on the other, by signaling that it will not oppose a particular case of aggression, the West has taught Putin and his regime a lesson but very much the wrong one: aggression works and after “a decent interval” will be ignored, have no consequences for relations with the West, and then can be repeated.


            Because the West did not respond when Putin invaded Georgia, he concluded he could seize Crimea. When the West did not oppose that move – indeed, when in his eyes, the West almost legitimated it by the Geneva accords – he moved into eastern Ukraine. Now, Putin has the Minsk agreement, something that will set the stage for more aggression in the future not less.


            Obviously, seeking a ceasefire as a means to achieve a peace is a good thing. Talking is better than fighting. But it is not better if one side is using a ceasefire to legitimate its aggression, and the other side, by its errors of omission and commission, is facilitating that – and that is what the Minsk accords look like to many (


            One question everyone in the West should be asking is this: Will Putin have any incentive to move toward peace if he can get everything he wants to dragging out a Western-backed “peace process” forever?  There is little evidence that he will, and there is a great deal of evidence that he won’t.


            And third, the West is only prepared to go so far in using its leverage. Its sanctions on Russia have been good as far as they have gone: they are hurting Moscow. But it has not been prepared to impose the kind of political sanctions that would affect the Kremlin more directly apparently fearful of creating a longer break that would call Western profits into question.


            There should have been no discussion about whether the West would welcome Putin at Normandy in June or at the G-20 in Australia. He is an aggressor, at odds with the international community, and should be disinvited to all such forums. But the West is apparently now too weak to do that, at least in the eyes of Putin.


            The West has been reluctant to take political steps to isolate the Kremlin assuming that economic ones are enough.  They are not. Under pressure from its own business elites, the West has failed to impose the kind of draconian sanctions that would really hurt and has been unnecessarily explicit, even craven, in saying how Moscow can end them.


            If Russia is not going to be punished militarily by the supplying of weapons to Ukraine, then it must be punished other ways, including with the downgrading of diplomatic representation, restrictions on visas, and symbolic exclusions as from all international forums, including economic ones.


            Unless that happens, the West will continue to send a message to Putin that his aggression works, a message he will use not only to shore up his power in Moscow but to launch new aggression elsewhere. 

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СНБО: речь об отводе украинских силовиков от линии соприкосновения не идет - Коммерсантъ

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СНБО: речь об отводе украинских силовиков от линии соприкосновения не идет
Речь об отводе украинских силовиков на 15 км от линии соприкосновения на востоке Украины пока не идет, сообщил спикер СНБО Андрей Лысенко на пресс-конференции 21 сентября. «Дело в том, что одним из главных пунктов является норма о прекращении огня, и потом дальше идут ...
СНБО: речь об отводе силовиков от линии соприкосновения пока не идетРИА Новости
В СНБО заявили об уходе силовиков из ряд населенных пунктов ДонбассаИнтерфакс
Киев пока не намерен отводить силовиков от линии соприкосновенияГазета.Ru
Взгляд -УНИАН -Подробности
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In Ruins of Ukraine Town, Residents Crave Food, Water and Peace 

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As residents began repairing the damage in Luhansk and taking stock of the calamity around them, many said they no longer cared about the politics that caused it all.

Buffer Zone Agreed on in Ukrainian Peace Talks - ABC News

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ABC News

Buffer Zone Agreed on in Ukrainian Peace Talks
ABC News
Negotiators in Ukrainian peace talks agreed early Saturday to create a buffer zone between government troops and pro-Russian militants by halting their advances, pulling back heavy weapons and withdrawing foreign fighters in order to ensure a stable truce ...
Ukraine: rebels and government troops to retreat following peace
Ukraine Signs Deal With Rebels to Create Buffer ZoneWall Street Journal
Ukraine Agrees to No-Fire Zone With Rebels in EastBusinessweek
The Express Tribune -Reuters UK -The Daily Star
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Obama: World United in Fight Against IS

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U.S. President Barack Obama says the U.S. continues to lead its "friend and allies" in the strategy to "degrade and ultimately destroy" the terrorist group known as Islamic State. Obama said in his weekly address Saturday the militants "pose a threat to the people of Iraq, Syria and the broader Middle East."  He said "if let unchecked, they could pose a growing threat to the United States." The president said lawmakers from both U.S. parties...

Минский меморандум, подписанный контактной группой по Украине, вступит в силу уже завтра

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В Минске участники Контактной группы по Украине подписали меморандумВ Киеве и в Донбассе сегодня изучают документ, который представители всех сторон украинского конфликта накануне ночью выработали в Минске. Меморандум - логичное продолжение протокола, который переговорщики тем же составом подписали 5-го сентября. Но если тогда договорились, что надо сделать для мирного урегулирования, то в этот раз обсудили как. Подробнее »

В Донецке разгружают машины с российской гуманитарной помощью

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Третий российский конвой с гуманитарной помощью для юго-востока прибыл на УкраинуВ тревожной обстановке в Донецке стараются максимально быстро разгрузить КамАЗы с российской гуманитарной помощью. Первые 30 машин уже пусты и готовы отправиться в обратный путь.&nbs Подробнее »


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