Who plays in the "Bunny Friend Playground"? The groundhogs.

Who plays in the "Bunny Friend Playground"? The groundhogs.

Similia Similibus Curentur": Cure same with the same, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth - no one invented more efficient principles so far, they are tested and confirmed by time, life and practice. 
To prevent it from growing and degenerating into a large scale war, let your intelligence and counterintelligence soldiers fight in honest as they want to (which will not necessarily involve "boots on the ground" and casualties, it might prevent them); do not hold them back. These are not the times for pseudo-liberal games, self-deception is dangerous more than ever, placating the "thugs and gangsters", the instigators, the "hidden and not so hidden hands" who want to create havoc and mayhem and rule in your home is not a security policy, it is a road to disaster. 


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