What is wrong with the FBI?

Two matters that happened in New York, came to the media attention last week. 

The Kiryas Joel affair: "Sexual abuse" or FBI abuse?

M.N.: I did not see anything "sexual" in the principal's interactions with the boy, if it is indeed the same "viral" video. It looks like he was trying to talk to the boy and to help him "to behave", as he saw it. 
A number of questions arise. 
Who installed a hidden camera in principal's office (on the ceiling or the floor above, it looks like) and why? 
Was this installation legal and authorized (by whom?) or not? 
How this video, which does not really contain much, was made "viral" (by possible cyber manipulations) and by whom?
Was this video "doctored", as some residents of the community claim, and by whom? 
Given this community long standing problems, including the legal ones with its neighbors, is this a part of the attempt to blacken it and to stop its expansion? 
Is someone trying to mislead and to manipulate the FBI in these matters? 

Is there a general attempt to mislead and to manipulate the FBI using the issues of sexual abuse as a pretext, as a way to deal with the political and other opponents? 
V. Bukovsky's might be a case in point, by the way, although in a different jurisdiction.  
How common or uncommon these false allegations and accusations of sexual abuse are? 
How common or uncommon are their legal prosecutions, what are the rates of convictions and the rates of wrongful convictions, for this matter?

"One retired F.B.I. agent who worked with me to investigate many claims in the Clergy Cases told me, in his opinion, about ONE-HALF of the claims made in the Clergy Cases were either entirely false or so greatly exaggerated that the truth would not have supported a prosecutable claim for childhood sexual abuse."

To what extent are these falsities a product of "tense times" (9/11 shocked the country to its foundations, emotionally, psychologically, and morally), old puritanical traditions and mindsets, new religious zealotries and possible malicious, deliberate intents and designs, including hostile intents and designs on a large scale? 
After all, Putin was deeply insulted by the accusations, allegations or allusions of "his pedophilia", after kissing a boy on a stomach, which, also by the way, were unfounded, inappropriate, low blow, and indeed, insulting, in my view. 
It is quite conceivable, that his "agentura" hit back, using this theme and subject for their own purposes, in accordance with their old and favorite principle of psychological projection: "You are this yourself!" 
A variety of other reasons, besides the political, are possible in false allegations. 

Is there someone inside the FBI who facilitates these attempts, for a variety of known and unknown, and their own reasons? 
Is their sexual abuse unit in orgiastic overdrive? What is the degree of psychological projection in their exploits? How many child molesters and abusers are among their own valiant midst? 
Was this ever checked out statistically and on a large scale? Some individual cases exist and are known
Children have to be protected from sexual and any other abuse, there are no two words or opinions about it. But so are the adults, including the protections from the judicial and FBI abuse, which can be no less hurtful and destructive than sexual abuse of children. 

The very thorough and independent investigation of all these issues, including the FBI involvement and its circumstances should shed some light on these and other important questions. 


Michael Ameri's suicide as a protest against the FBI

NYPD Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Friday.
NYPD Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Friday.

Michael Ameri's suicide as a protest against the FBI |  Suicide as a protest

He spoke his piece of truth to power: "you make me sick to death..." 
Was he pressured to testify against his fellow officers? 
Was he used as an informant in this investigation? 
What made him kill himself? 

"Psychological autopsy" - an attempt to understand the causative factors of suicide, becomes in his case not only medical or psychiatric task but the social and political issue. It was definitely a scream of protest on his part. What went wrong? What was wrong? 

What is wrong with the FBI: its strategy, tactics, techniques, and methods if they lead to these unexpected and tragic results? Investigate this, from all points of view: psychological, social, police work, FBI work, legal, ethical, political. To prevent it. Because no one needs this type of outcome and this type of "justice" or this type of "law and order". 

The recent string of the "bad FBI publicity" (and their publicity they take very seriously and try to manage it very carefully and persistently, and usually in one direction - it is one of the foundations of their illusion of power; to sooth themselves and to hypnotize, intimidate and control the others): ex-Sen. Graham handlingWhitey Bulger perjury case, etc., etc., and now - this, tells us that something is wrong with the FBI and with the ways they operate. 

Some other questions came to me later. They might sound naive to the insiders, but feel reasonable to me and possibly others as outsiders: Why wasn't this whole matter referred to the NYPD Internal Affairs Department? They investigate much more serious violations. A companion question: why NYPD Internal Affairs did not know about all this in a first place? And if they did know, why didn't they act on it? Did NYPD - FBI rivalry play its role? Is this whole inquiry at least in part politically motivated? Is this an attempt on FBI part to subdue and control the NYPD? Are some other political undercurrents there? 

No doubts, this probe undermined the authority of NYPD Internal Affairs and the authority of the Police Commissioner. Was this one of the goals and purposes of this probe? 

With regard to Mr. E. Mullins calls for Commissioner Bratton's resignation, my reaction is: "be careful what you wish for", these calls are hardly appropriate and this matter is not under your purview. 

In principle, police corruption cannot be tolerated, it is dangerous and unseemly, especially for the finest police department in the country. But, retaining our most stringent attitude to this problem and without condoning the misconduct, let us put this current probe into the perspective. What is the total dollar amount of "lavish gifts, travels and "diamonds", etc., and the amount per violator? Did the "favors" negatively interfere with police work? Isn't providing security (for funerals, etc.) a part of the police work anyway? 
How "massive" is the scale? Put the exact dollar amount on it, without using the emotionally charged words and media manipulation. 

FBI has its work cut for it with the really massive corruption in the industries, financial institutions, and politics. For some reasons, it preferred to concentrate on NYPD. 

They hunt for the miserable bag of the miserable peanuts and the others are left holding the body bag. 

Robert Ameri, father of Michael Ameri, leaves his son's house Saturday afternoon in West Babylon, Long Island.

Robert Ameri, father of Michael Ameri, leaves his son's house Saturday afternoon in West Babylon, Long Island.


Investigate the investigators! Reform the FBI!


Michael Novakhov

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