M.N.: Thank you, General: The controlled explosions are always much more preferable to the uncontrolled, unmanageable, escalating, dangerous, real explosions.

The Cannonball: The 12 Inch Period. 

Savannah-Chatham police, Army EOD dispose of Civil War era cannonball unearthed downtown - Savannah Morning News
Tue, 29 Nov 2016 01:19:05 -0500
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Savannah Morning News

Savannah-Chatham police, Army EOD dispose of Civil War era cannonball unearthed downtown
Savannah Morning News
Savannah-Chatham police's Bomb Squad, with support from Ft. Stewart's Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal, conducted a controlled explosion of a Civil War-era cannonball landmine found at an excavation site near Broughton and Barr streets on Monday.
Civil war-era cannonball landmine discovered; Metro bomb squad perform controlled explosionWSAV-TV

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M.N.: Thank you, General: The controlled explosions are always much more preferable to the uncontrolled, unmanageable, escalating, dangerous, real explosions, which can occur at any time, unexpectedly, and involve a large number of victims. The controlled explosions contribute to clearing the field, to the safe landings, and to the public safety. Even if they are inevitably and understandably ambi-and-multi-directional. 

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Trump attacks CNN over reporting on false voter fraud claims - CNNMoney
Tue, 29 Nov 2016 01:22:01 -0500
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Trump attacks CNN over reporting on false voter fraud claims
President-elect Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets late Monday night criticizing CNN for reporting that his claims about voter fraud are baseless -- which they are. Shortly after 9 p.m., Trump began retweeting supporters who had criticized CNN's ...

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