The dangerous politicization of Israeli Intelligence: The Mossad's wrong targets - Google Search: "We are talking about the hypothesis of Russia and Israel acting in cahoots, and possibly, with the participation and/or input from others, to influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, including the means, again - hypothetically, that are the most deplorable and the most unacceptable. This hypothesis has to be developed, substantiated, checked and re-checked and to be refuted or confirmed." - M.N. - "Blessed are You, Hashem, Who heals all flesh and acts wondrously."

The dangerous politicization of Israeli Intelligence

politicization of Israeli Intelligence 

politicization of Mossad

Yossi Cohen and politicization of Mossad 

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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (C) with outgoing director of Mossad, Tamir Pardo (R), and incoming director Yossi Cohen, at a ceremony for the newly appointed Mossad head in Tel Aviv, on Wednesday (1.6.16). (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

"In choosing the next Mossad chief, Netanyahu made up his mind at the last minute. Pardo, the departing chief, had succeeded in convincing Netanyahu to appoint N (whose identity is classified), the agency's current deputy chief, but the prime minister hesitated to announce his decision, which was delayed for about an hour. Finally, Netanyahu took his spot opposite live television cameras and announced Cohen's appointment.
The prime minister had not alerted Cohen beforehand, so Israel's new head spy heard of his appointment on television, sitting at home surrounded by family members. Thus, Israel's new Mossad chief hit the road in classic “American Idol” style. The problem is that in real life, heading Mossad is light years from how it appears on television. Cohen has some truly challenging years ahead of him."

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"Although his years at the National Security Council helped to upgrade his strategic understanding, Cohen is more of a skillful operative than a thinker and will have his work cut out for him.

Cohen wants to make the Mossad more combative and daring than it was under Pardo and return to the “good old days” when Dagan led the organization... 

The Mossad has no input on the Palestinian issue, perhaps Israel’s most challenging front, Colleagues who know Cohen from their work in the agency say that from an early stage he dreamed of reaching the top.
Now his dream has come true and his test will be to provide the prime minister, who appointed him, with a true picture of the reality faced by Israel and not one that is tainted by politics." 

"The Mossad which Yossi Cohen is taking charge of Wednesday is a large organization, one of the biggest intelligence organizations in the Western world, which deals with a diverse and difficult target list. According to the Mossad charter, the organization's goals are: "Secretly collecting information (strategic, diplomatic and operative) outside the State's borders; conducting special operations beyond the State of Israel's borders; stopping hostile countries from developing unconventional weapons and arming themselves with them; thwarting terrorist activities against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad; bringing Jews from countries which are preventing them from immigrating and creating a defense framework for the Jews in those countries."

The definition of these goals clarifies just how different the Mossad is from other intelligence organizations: It is not only required to provide intelligence, but also to carry out special operations; it is responsible for both intelligence relations and diplomatic relations with countries which do not have open ties with Israel; it is required to protect not only the citizens of the State of Israel, but sees itself as the defender of all Jews in the world, and as an organization required to help smuggle Jews from hostile countries.

There has never been another intelligence service in the history of mankind which has been forced to engage in so many missions, which are so different from each other... 
Cohen served as an agent recruiter and handler in Paris, and later as the head of the Mossad branch in a different European country. He was perceived as a rising star and as always being slightly different.

He did not only perform a job which appears partially similar to James Bond's job, but also looked, acted and spoke with Bond's smoothness. Cohen has a lot of charisma, plenty of personal charm, an ability to sweep people away and an ability to understand how they can be operated and manipulated. But he is also considered quite a difficult colleague and boss, and quite a few of the people who have worked with him suffered from his sarcastic tongue. He is not ashamed of the fact that he is a tough and demanding commander." 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, May 2016.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, May 2016.

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Netanyahu: "Israel Isn't Interfering in U.S. Election" 

(??? - One picture and some facts and conjectures are worth 1000 words - M.N.)

But regardless of this and/or anything else, 

The U.S. - Israeli intelligence relations have to be restored. 

The process of healing and reconciliation should start now.

"If Yossi Cohen wishes to be considered as a partner for conversation with equal rights in today's intelligence community, he must provide added value from the Mossad, unique information about the Islamic State organization.

The Mossad can provide the West, and mainly the United States, with further value by monitoring the manner and abilities of the old-new guest in the region - the Russian army and Putin's intelligence community, which are strengthening their foothold in Syria. The US has few intelligence abilities in this area, particularly in the human field. If the Mossad is able to close at least some of the gaps, the CIA will be grateful.

Another field is the world of cyber which is taking the lead from all worlds of intelligence. The Mossad's ability to fight the fourth dimension has been greatly improved thanks to Cohen's serious competitor for the position of Mossad chief, N., who served as head of the Mossad's technological division for a long and important period of time and left the position recently. During that period, the division tripled its manpower and became involved in countless operations for the first time in its history.

It was a major leap forward, but the development of the cyber world requires the Mossad chief to vigorously invest more and more in this field, where the attackers have the upper hand these days... 

There is a difference, an important difference, between all the roles Cohen has filled until now and his next role at the top of the pyramid. He has nowhere to advance from here. It's very difficult, even for a prime minister, to oust a Mossad or Shin Bet chief once they have begun their job. The Mossad chief must report to his supervisor, the prime minister, but he must also report to his thousands of subordinates, the ones he meets every day when he arrives at the Mossad chief's bureau.

The Mossad people are known to be critical and sarcastic, as Cohen himself, and they won’t spare him their criticism if he becomes a person who only fulfills the desires of the prime minister, who is leading a policy which many in the Mossad perceive as right-wing and wrong, if not more than that.

The further and concluding question, regarding Mr. Cohen's ability to "establish an independent and assertive opinion", rings with the deep and tentative overtones of doubt, and implies, in my most humble and non-expert opinion, in view of his psychological and professional history, the unequivocal, clear, and simple answer: "NO!"

Obama Netanyahu

US strategists: Obama campaign interference backfired

"The Obama administration's role during the Israeli election was allegedly larger than reported in the US." 

It is difficult to blame anyone and anything for the deterioration in the U.S. - Israel general and Intelligence relations, but first of all and most of all, the short-sighted, destructive and self-destructive, biased and almost hostile Obama administration's foreign policies, specifically, his antagonistic towards Israel policies, and the absurd Islamophilic stance, ideologically driven and of the questionable origins: 

“Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.” 

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I confirm that the bright red color of the line above is authentic and this choice of typeset expression is based on some, we might say, rather unfortunate, although tentative, preliminary, and hypothetical observations, and the corresponding questions raised. Or to use the language that is a bit clearer and simpler, we are talking about the hypothesis of Russia and Israel acting in cahoots, and possibly, with the participation and/or input from others, to influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, including the means, again - hypothetically, that are the most deplorable and the most unacceptable. This hypothesis has to be developed, substantiated, checked and re-checked and to be refuted or confirmed.  - M.N.
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Israel interference in 2016 American Presidential elections

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Asher yatzar:

"Following the washing and drying of one's hands, the asher yatzar blessing is recited -

"Blessed are You, Hashem our God, King of the universe, Who formed man with wisdom and created within him many openings and many hollows. It is obvious and known before Your Throne of Glory that if even one of them ruptures, or if even one of them becomes blocked, it would be impossible to survive and to stand before You (even for a short period). Blessed are You, Hashem, Who heals all flesh and acts wondrously."

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם אֲשֶׁר יָצַר אֶת
.הָאָדָם בְּחָכְמָה וּבָרָא בוֹ נְקָבִים נְקָבִים חֲלוּלִים חֲלוּלִים גָּלוּי וְיָדוּעַ לִפְנֵי כִסֵּא כְבוֹדֶךָ שֶׁאִם יִפָּתֵחַ אֶחָד מֵהֶם אוֹ יִסָּתֵם אֶחָד מֵהֶם אִי אֶפְשַׁר לְהִתְקַיֵּם וְלַעֲמוֹד לְפָנֶיךָ .אֲפִילוּ שָׁעָה אֶחָת .בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְהֹוָה רוֹפֵא כָל בָּשָׂר וּמַפְלִיא לַעֲשֹוֹת" 


M.N.: Or, to put it in plainer English (I do not speak Hebrew): 
It is always good, and it feels good when shit comes out: it is healthy, natural, necessary, healing and therapeutic, we could not stay alive and exist without it, or, as the Mountain Jews say, the truth is "az Zohut Hudo": from the God's bathroom. Thank you, Hashem. Amen.


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The thing that is left, is to understand, if all these, the above and elsewhere, conjectures, suspicions, and allegations, which are painful to consider even as the abstract hypothetical possibility, are indeed the truth, to what degree they are the truth, and to what degree they are not, what is and what was the mechanism of these hypothetical operations, what is and what was the degree of the "cahoots" with the Russians, and was it justified? Which is a separate moral question, among the multitude of other related moral questions... 
With regard to the Russians, it is a separate issue and will be dealt separately. 

Let our most wise, educated and well versed in these matters rabbis (of which I am not at all, I am a non-believer Jew, which does not make me any less of a Jew), some of whom are also in the intelligence services, and some of whom head these intelligence services, look into these matters. Let them shed some light on these issues, of which they are, no doubt, knowledgeable, and let them disclose what is fit to be disclosed, without damaging the State of Israel's security, publically or confidentially, from one sister intelligence service to another. Let the truth come out, and let the process of the healing begin. 

Are the intelligence services amoral by their very nature and by the definition? It does not feel this way; theirs is a very different, maybe even a higher morality, and the Man's Moral Law does apply to them, as it was confirmed many times and on many different occasions during the tragic past century, and, among them, by the Eichmann Trial

Michael  Novakhov




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