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NATO Returns Its Attention to an Old Foe, Russia - The New York Times - Headlines - 9:14 AM 6/23/2015

Pentagon to boost military equipment in Europe amid Moscow anger - The Washington Post

Headlines - 9:14 AM 6/23/2015

NATO Returns Its Attention to an Old Foe, Russia - The New York Times
Pentagon to boost military equipment in Europe amid Moscow anger - The Washington Post
Ash Carter confirms US to put heavy weapons in eastern NATO nations over Russia provocations - CBS News
Russia Assails Extension of E.U. Sanctions in Ukraine Crisis - The New York Times
Russia Slams EU Decision to Extend Sanctions
Hacking Grounds Flights of Poland’s National Airline - The New York Times
Polish Airline Cancels Flights After Hacker Attack - ABC News
Cybersecurity issue needs attention at U.S. China dialogue - San Francisco Chronicle
Why America Can't Stop Russia's Hybrid Warfare | The National Interest
Report: U.S. Must Modernize, Update Nuclear Strategy for New Century | Washington Free Beacon
U.S. to Support NATO Rapid Response Force with Troops, Equipment | Washington Free Beacon
U.S. Offers Troops to NATO Force Tasked With Deterring Russian Aggression | News | The Moscow Times
NATO Members’ Defense Spending, in Two Charts - Defense One
NATO Military Spending Set to Fall Despite Tensions with Russia | News | The Moscow Times
White House tries for a leaner National Security Council - The Washington Post
Exiled Yanukovych Accepts Some Responsibility For Maidan Killings
McCain: Russia is Winning the Propaganda War - Breitbart
Carter: US to Provide Weapons, Aircraft, Commandos for NATO - ABC News
Stoltenberg: NATO To More Than Double Size Of Elite Force
NATO plans 40,000-strong rapid response force in E. Europe — RT News
EU keeps up pressure on Russia by extending economic sanctions
Are European Companies Ignoring E.U. Sanctions On Russia? - Forbes
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Anti-Americanism Now Russia’s Official Ideology, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says
New Revelations Suggest Chinese Hackers Had Inside Help - Breitbart
No Patch For Incompetence: Our Cybersecurity Problem Has Nothing to Do With Cybersecurity
Ex-CIA director: U.S. wide open to grid attack
The Real Dawn of the Age of Cyber Warfare
Why the next World War will be a cyberwar first, and a shooting war second | ZDNet
FlashCritic: China Gets Pass from Obama on ‘Devastating’ OPM Hack to Preserve Strategic Dialogue and Summit | Washington Free Beacon
Venezuela to Hold Parliamentary Election on Dec. 6
AP NewsBreak: Official: NYC to Hire Almost 1,300 New Cops - ABC News
New details emerge in D.C mansion murder case - CNNPolitics.com
NYT’s Orwellian View of Ukraine | Consortiumnews
Obama Speaks Out Against Religious Intolerance
Rwanda Confirms Arrest of Intelligence Chief in London
Экс-президент Украины Виктор Янукович дал большое интервью журналистам ВВС - Первый канал
Hitler's invasion of Russia: From the archive, 23 June 1941 | World news | The Guardian
Mother: Father kidnapped daughter, took her to Russia | WTNH Connecticut News
US, China to Hold 'Very Direct' Talks
The Ultimate Nightmare: North Korea Could Sell Saudi Arabia Nuclear Weapons | The National Interest
Army Reprimanded General Involved in ISIS Fight - NYTimes.com
Army Reprimands Top General Who Helped Run War Against ISIS - ABC News
Key Army commander accused of steering a contract to ex-classmates - The Washington Post
Does too much porn numb sexual pleasure? – Maria Konnikova – Aeon
Report: Iran Boosts Terror Activities Across Globe | Washington Free Beacon
Iran votes to ban inspectors with nuke deal deadline looming | Fox News Video
European Foreign Ministers Urge Iran to Stand By Nuclear Framework - WSJ
Documents Reveal Ecuadorian Government Organized Protests on U.S. Soil | Washington Free Beacon
Al-Jazeera Journalist Detained in Berlin Has Been Freed - ABC News
US hopes Russia may change direction when Vladimir Putin is gone | World news | The Guardian
Pentagon Chief Says U.S. Rift With Russia Could Outlast Putin | News | The Moscow Times
U.S. won't let Russia 'drag us back to the past': Pentagon chief | Reuters
Carter: No Desire for Conflict With Russia
Ash Carter: Putin 'Malign Influence' in Eastern Europe
Carter: NATO must stand together against Russia aggression - The Washington Post
Use NATO unity to spur diplomacy and keep Russia in check | Star Tribune
The cybersecurity and communications side of DHS
EU Launches Navy Operation Against Migrant Traffickers
EU Extends Russia Sanctions
Russia warns of deeper rifts with West as Europe extends sanctions - The Washington Post
Russia cuts World Cup spending amid economic crisis
Obama’s hard lessons - The Washington Post
White House plan for police data could face obstacles
US rebuffs Israel’s last-ditch bid for nuclear constraints in Iran accord
Chanting 'Death to America,' Iran MPs vote to bar military inspectors | The Times of Israel
Iranian parliament bill may put stick in the spokes of nuclear negotiations - Middle East - Jerusalem Post
Iran Legislation Seeks to Bar Inspections of Military Sites Under a Nuclear Deal - WSJ
Saudi deputy crown prince seeks Russia deals - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Erdogan sees threat from Kurdish gains in Syria - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Islamic State's next recruiting target: Germany’s young and vulnerable - Europe - Stripes
Russia Security Czar: More Than 1,000 Russians Fight With IS - ABC News
Abbas sees no place for Hamas in new govt, says French FM - MIDEAST
Walter Scheib, Former White House Chef, Found Dead In New Mexico
CIA torture is only part of medical science's dark modern history | Science | The Guardian

Current News

PressTV-Three Americans shot in New Jersey
PressTV-Iran, Russia finalizing oil-for-power deal
WATCH: ISIS sends child jihadis to fight in cages in new recruitment video - Middle East - Jerusalem Post
Chicago Man Reportedly Dies Shielding Mother From Gunfire
The Conservative Spearheading Criminal-Justice Reform - The New Yorker
Briefing: A Long Standoff Looming
Игорь Шувалов — РБК: «Легче всего бросить камень в огород правительства» - Газета РБК
Знаток России - о природе путинизма | Что читают в Германии | DW.COM | 20.05.2015
Headlines | Philstar Mobile
Five politics classics every activist should know about | openDemocracy
Charleston church shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pictured: The white supremacist whose hate-filled website 'inspired Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof' | Daily Mail Online
Man Accidently Shoots Himself During Gun Safety Class - ABC News
Can Wikipedia Survive? - NYTimes.com
Obama’s ancestral homeland in Kenya had lots of hope, but got little change - The Washington Post
Detroit Police Chief Craig calls Detroit shooters 'urban terrorists'
Islamic State plants explosives at UNESCO World Heritage Site | Toronto Star
America Wrestles Anew With Gun Violence
TheUnion local.com | TheUnion.com - Page2RSS
Al Jazeera Journalist Held in Germany Awaits Verdict on Egyptian Arrest Warrant - The New York Times
Hacking attack grounds 1,400 passengers at Warsaw airport | News | DW.COM | 21.06.2015
Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Is Staying Quiet on National Security - Defense One
What a Yemeni Missile Teaches Us About the Iran Deal - Defense One
The insurgent with 9 lives; Pentagon’s ‘urgent’ US city shield from Russian missiles; That British military ‘retreat’; Toby Keith as ‘torture;’ And a bit more. - Defense One
After Ukraine, NATO's Chance for a New Normal - Defense One
America’s Drone Pilot Shrink Says They Need a Vacation From War - Defense One
5 facts that explain cyber warfare | Business Insider
Rash of bottle bombs against Israelis in Jerusalem
Polish airline cancels flights after hacker attack - US News
Chinese firms pour money into U.S. R&D in shift to innovation | Reuters
Suspect arrested in fatal shooting of New Orleans policeman | Reuters
New Orleans Police Arrest Suspect in Killing of Officer - ABC News
New Orleans police: Alleged cop killer captured | Fox News Video
US Celebrates Father's Day
Argentine President Stepping Away From Gov't Role After Term - ABC News
FBI head won’t call Charleston shooting a terrorist act | TheHill
FBI director criticized for saying Charleston church shooting is NOT an act of terrorism | Daily Mail Online
Rick Santorum Calls 'Evil' Charleston Shooting an 'Act of Terrorism' - ABC News
Roof's Racist Manifesto And Photos Emerge
United States to NATO: Ditch the ‘Cold War playbook’ - The Washington Post
Pentagon chief to push U.S. allies to ditch 'Cold War playbook' | Reuters
Amid Concerns Over Russia, Pentagon Chief Starting European Tour
Pentagon chief to seek greater NATO support on Europe trip - Yahoo News
Pentagon chief urges balanced approach to Russian aggression - Europe - Stripes
Report: US Needs New Small Nuclear Bombs - Defense One
Detroit Police: An Act Of Urban Terrorism: 12 People Shot, 1 Killed At Block Party « CBS Detroit
Attackers open fire on child's birthday party in Detroit; 10 people shot - CNN.com
Prisoner accused of killing New Orleans police officer caught, authorities say - The Washington Post


Nato force commitment extended, says defence secretary - BBC News
While NATO sleeps, Putin has his way: Ronald E. Powaski (Opinion) | cleveland.com
Britain extends commitment to NATO reassurance in Eastern Europe
FBI: Blacks most often targeted in hate crimes
Services being held at Charleston church for first time since shooting | 7online.com


TheUnion local.com | TheUnion.com
TheUnion local.com | TheUnion.com - Page2RSS
US Supreme Court Hands Down 2 Decisions on Immigration
Hearing held for convict seeking new trial after FBI errors revealed | Local News - WCVB Home
FBI Arrests ISIS Supporter in Cleveland
Blind, Elderly Man Beheaded in L.A.; Head Still Missing, Says Cousin - Breitbart
Former White House Top Chef Missing After New Mexico Hiking Trip - ABC News
Police Investigate Upstate N.Y. Prison Escape Lead After Possible Sighting - NBC News
New York escapees on run as prison officer is suspended
Theater shooting prosecutors rest after emotional case - TimesLeaderOnline.com | News, Sports, Jobs and Community Info for Belmont County - Times Leader
America's drone policy is all exceptions and no rules | Trevor Timm | Comment is free | The Guardian
The CIA Can’t Keep Its Drone Propaganda Straight | Just Security
Recap of Recent Posts at Just Security (June 13–19) | Just Security
Navy SEAL Vet Lawmaker to Obama: Stop Playing Games with National Security - Breitbart
Hillary Clinton: 'America's long struggle with race is far from finished' - LA Times
Hillary Clinton calls for "common-sense gun reforms" after Charleston - CBS News
Al-Jazeera journalist arrested in Germany - BBC News
German police arrest Al Jazeera journalist in Berlin - Telegraph

Topics - June 2015

​Dylann Roof's manifesto

Here Is What Appears to Be Dylann Roof’s Racist Manifesto
NEWS: Was racist manifesto written by Dylann Roof? - CNN Video | “The themes don’t indicate that this person is spending a lot of time to do research,” said O’Toole, who now directs the Forensic Science Program at George Mason University. “The d
Was racist manifesto written by Dylann Roof? - CNN Video
Charleston suspect Dylann Roof's alleged manifesto discovered online - Yahoo News
Dylann Storm Roof Photos Found on Website - NYTimes.com
Authorities Investigating Website, Purported Manifesto Connected to Dylann Roof - ABC News
Racist manifesto linked to Charleston shooting suspect
Charleston church massacre: Things we learned from shooter Dylann Roof's racist manifesto - Telegraph
FBI investigates website and manifesto linked to Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof | US news | The Guardian
Racist manifesto linked to Charleston shooting suspect
Charleston shooting: Web manifesto has images of killer - CNN.com
​Dylann Roof's manifesto: "I have no choice" - CBS News
FBI Investigating Website Depicting Accused Charleston Shooter, With Racist Manifesto | TIME
NEWS: "A federal law enforcement official close to the investigation said the FBI is aware of the website linked to Roof and is reviewing it. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the case. Interne
Purported Dylann Roof manifesto reviewed by FBI - Washington Times
NEWS: 10.24am ET - The suspect in the shooting has been identified as 21-year-old Dylann Roof of Columbia, South Carolina by Lexington PD and Berkeley County. The FBI has confirmed to Reuters that Roof is the suspect. - 9 Dead in Charleston Church Shootin
Scarred church to hold Sunday service; FBI reviews manifesto : News
Dylann Roof: The Charleston killer's racist manifesto - Telegraph
Dylann Roof Pics And Racist Manifesto Emerge
Charleston shootings: Dylann Roof photos found online - BBC News
Dylann Roof Manifesto Reveals Racist, Neo-Nazi, Anti-American Beliefs - Breitbart
White supremacist manifesto linked to Charleston shooting suspect emerges online | News | DW.DE | 20.06.2015

Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof - Google Search
Dylann Roof tried to kill himself during attack, victim's son says - LA Times
Old friend's surprising insight on alleged church shooter - CBS News
FBI Director Says Charleston Shooting Not Terrorism | Mediaite
FBI Director: Charleston Shooting not an Act of Terrorism - KTUL.com - Tulsa, Oklahoma - News, Weather & Sports
Church ‘killer’s’ sister reported brother to FBI, cancelled plans to be married on Sunday - BizPac Review
Latest on church shooting: Parishioners see site of shooting - KCTV5
What we know so far about Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof - The Washington Post
Charleston shooting: Dylann Roof 'wanted a race war'. How many Americans want the same? - Americas - World - The Independent
Charleston shooting: Suspect Dylann Roof came from broken home where 'his father beat his former step-mother' - Americas - World - The Independent
Charleston church shooting: Who is Dylann Roof? - CNN.com
Charleston, S.C. Shooting Was FBI-CIA False Flag Attack After Obama Tried To Nuke Charleston: Conspiracy Theory
Texas firefighter sacked after congratulating the #CharlestonShooting suspect for killing nine black churchgoers - World - News - The Independent
Charleston shooting: Dylann Roof's stepmother defends 'smart' boy 'drawn in by internet evil' - Americas - World - The Independent
Charleston Shooting: Franklin Roof, father of suspected killer Dylann Roof, tells police he is receiving constant threatening phone calls - Americas - World - The Independent

Charleston church shooting and Obama

NEWS: "Racism remains "a blight" on society, US President Barack Obama says, after the killing of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church." M.N.: You are right, Mr. Obama. And you are the Racist-in-Chief who inspires, encourages and exploits the rac
How Obama Learned to ‘Politicize’ Shootings -- NYMag
Rick Perry describes Charleston church shooting as an 'accident' - video | US news | The Guardian
Rick Perry: Obama Has Been ‘Slicing and Dicing’ America for Political Gain | TheBlaze.com

White supremacist groups and russian intelligence

Dylann Roof - Google Search
Charleston shooter likely inspired by white supremacy movement
White supremacy - Google Search
white supremacy groups - Google Search
white supremacist groups and russian intelligence - Google Search
white supremacist groups and gru - Google Search
gru and white supremacist groups - Google Search
gru and white supremacists - Google Search
gru uses white supremacists - Google Search
gru recruits rightist groups - Google Search
Putin’s Secret Friends in Paris | The XX Committee
State-sponsored terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
State-sponsored terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Category:White supremacist groups in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
White supremacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of white nationalist organizations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Various - Search related

Federal agency warns of radicals on right - Washington Times
Iran’s Spies Tried to Recruit Me - The Daily Beast
The Right-Wing Backlash to '12 Years a Slave' - The Daily Beast
How the 1980s Explains Vladimir Putin - The Atlantic
FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism | Washington Free Beacon
Documenting the FBI: Declassified Documents Provide New Detail on Confronting the Terrorist Threat - from al-Qaeda to Skinheads
Doc 28 White Supremacy&Suicide Terrorism
Doc 36 FBI Directorship
The FBI: A Comprehensive Reference Guide - Athan G. Theoharis - Google Books
Cointelpro Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about Cointelpro
Canadian Security Intelligence Service - The Canadian Encyclopedia

Law and Order

Feds arrest 243 in record $712M health care billing-fraud bust
Doctors and nurses busted for $712 million Medicare fraud | WTVR.com
How a Jailbird Con Artist Uncovered a Secret FBI Surveillance Tool
FBI Agent: The CIA Could Have Stopped 9/11
'Black Lives Matter' Protesters Vandalize Confederate Statue in Charleston

War on Police - June 2015

Suspect sought in killing of New Orleans police officer
NEWS: Ohio 911 caller describes self, kills arriving officer - CNN.com | Cincinnati police officer shooter planned ‘suicide by cop’ - NY Daily News | Charleston shooting: Dylann Roof 'wanted a race war'. How many Americans want the same? - Americas -
Ohio 911 caller describes self, kills arriving officer - CNN.com
Cincinnati police officer shooter planned ‘suicide by cop’ - NY Daily News
New Orleans police continue manhunt for man suspected of killing officer | Fox News
New Orleans police officer killed during suspect transport | Fox News Video
Manhunt after New Orleans cop fatally shot by suspect he was transporting, reports say | Fox News
New Orleans police officer killed during suspect transport | Fox News Video
New Orleans Police Officer Killed While Transporting Suspect - ABC News
New Orleans Police Officer Killed While Transporting Suspect - Breitbart



Greece, the front line of Putin's new cold war: As 'Grexit' looms, a leading historian argues the imperialist Russian leader sees a chance to swoop | Daily Mail Online
A turning point for Greece and Europe | openDemocracy
Greek drama nears final act, ending uncertain | Reuters
Italian Prosecutors Seek To Indict Bank Of China, 297 People


Russia in Review - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Russia in Review - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Russia and Greece consider collaborating to circumvent Western sanctions - LA Times
2 planes stolen in Russia, one lands, the other unaccounted for: TASS news agency - Europe News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
Eurasia is an idea whose time has come around again | Business | The Guardian
Putin Rebuilding the Iron Curtain in His Typical ‘Hybrid’ Fashion | The Interpreter
Ran 7,000 Miles. Putin Still Got Them. - The Daily Beast
Stalin Invented Hybrid War, Not Vladimir Putin, Archival Record Shows | The Interpreter
«Зеленые человечки» Сталина: «гибридная война» была впервые опробована вовсе не в Крыму
Russia: Grand Illusions
Landscapes of Communism review – flights of fancy in an age of revolution | Books | The Guardian
Свободная Зона

Russian asset seizure

Europe Takes Over Putin TV - The Daily Beast
Russian asset seizure: Putin doesn’t recognise court ruling | euronews, world news
Belgium To Unblock Russian Diplomatic Assets


Putin’s Nuclear Saber Rattling: What Is That All About?
Putin vows to work with West to tackle IS - The Scotsman
Charlie Rose on how Vladimir Putin sees the world
Putin criticizes US but offers to cooperate on global crises - DailyHerald.com
Russian president Vladimir Putin reaffirms support for Syria's Bashar al-Assad, calls for 'political change' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
After midnight in the library, Putin sets out his world view
Putin Hails Russia-China Ties While Rosneft Does Deals With West - WSJ
Vladimir Putin: Russia data law could cost billions - Fortune
Putin the uniter | The Economist


NATO rapid reaction force trains in Poland | Europe | DW.DE | 19.06.2015
US battle tanks to be deployed in Bulgaria for live-fire exercise
How Russia's most advanced military equipment stacks up against NATO's hardware
Moscow’s account of Nato expansion is a case of false memory syndrome | Christopher Clark | Comment is free | The Guardian
Cold war 2.0? Russia, NATO edge toward high-risk military standoff (+video) - CSMonitor.com
Bad News For US and NATO: Greece Looks To Russia For Financial Salvation - Breitbart
U.S. Building Russian Cruise Missile Defense System
СМИ: Впервые за много лет НАТО обсудит ядерную стратегию России | Новости из Германии о Европе | DW.COM | 21.06.2015


U.S. Senators Call For Arming Ukraine
Poroshenko meets McCain, thanks US for support - watch on - uatoday.tv
lethal aid to ukraine - Google Search
Kremlin chief of staff says ​Russia, US agree to set up Karasin-Nuland channel to coordinate steps on Ukraine
США и Россия договорились совместно координировать действия по урегулированию ситуации в Украине - Кремль : Новости УНИАН
Украина присоединилась к военным учениям НАТО

Middle East - June 2015

Terrorist stabbing critically injures Israeli police officer
The terrorist who murdered Danny Ganon was not a lone wolf
Saudi Arabia warns citizens about 'fake' information after Wikileaks release 60,000 secret documents giving an insight into Saudi foreign policy and the behaviour of the royals - Middle East - World - The Independent
Palestinian shot after stabbing Israeli policeman in Jerusalem
NEWS: US: Iran's sponsorship of global terror is 'undiminished' PressTV-‘ | Access to Iran military sites forbidden’ | Children raped, castrated, thrown into fires in South Sudan: | UN Saudis said set to build 16 nuclear reactors with Russian help | P
Oren: Obama may reach out to Islam because 2 Muslim father figures abandoned him | The Times of Israel
Netanyahu urges calm as Hamas-linked group claims responsibility for killing of Israeli student - Telegraph
Hamas was responsible for murder of Israeli hiker
Saudi Arabia warns citizens against sharing 'faked' documents after Wikileaks release
US report finds Iran threat undiminished as nuke deal nears - FOX5 Vegas - KVVU
WikiLeaks posted documents reveal Saudi intrigue and unpaid limo bills

Israel and Saudis

Salman Seeks a Russian Safety Net in Case Saudi-US Collaboration Fails to Oust Assad - DEBKAfile
'Dozens of Saudi, Gulf Arab students visited Israeli embassy in Washington' - Middle East - Jerusalem Post
“We, the Saudi family are cousins of the Jews.” | ThereAreNoSunglasses
emerging israeli saudi alliance - Google Search
emerging israeli saudi alliance - Google Search

Emerging Kurdish State

Prospects for a future Kurdistan | openDemocracy
Surprising Ties between Israel and the Kurds :: Middle East Quarterly
Iraqi Kurdistan–Israel relations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
isis turkey kurds - Google Search
isis and turkey connection - Google Search
isis turkey russia connection - Google Search
turkey russia intelligence cooperation - Google Search
Emerging Kurdish State - Google Search
Kurds and Israel - Google Search

ISIS and Iraq

ISIL lays mines in ruins of Syria’s ancient Palmyra - MIDEAST
Counter-Terrorism: ISIL Invades Norway
A Short Chronology of the Islamic State Group - ABC News
State of Fear: Survivors Tell of Life Under IS Rule - ABC News
Islamic State militants plant mines and bombs in Palmyra: monitoring group
Shaped by War, Dempsey Doubts Wisdom of Deep US Role in Iraq - NYTimes.com
General: New US hub in Iraq could be model - AP - 6.11.15
Islamic State Sells Captured Teen Girls Like 'Packs Of Cigarettes'
Here's How Republicans Can Fix Obama's Disastrous Foreign Policy | The National Interest
Sunni tribes, abandoned by Iraq, key to Islamic State fight - 6.20.15
'Leave Nusra, Join IS,' Uzbek Militant Urges In New IS Video
FBI Director: ISIS Zeroing In On Social Media To Recruit Americans « CBS Baltimore
ISIS Breaking New Ground as New Leader in Terror Groups | whotv.com


Were Iraqi generals at Ramadi bribed by ISIS? - Google Search


Attack Gave Chinese Hackers Privileged Access to U.S. Systems - NYTimes.com
China's hackers got what they came for | TheHill
Editorial: U.S. must win at cybersecurity - Houston Chronicle
OPINION: U.S. must get serious about cybersecurity
Hunt for Deep Panda intensifies in trenches of U.S.-China cyberwar
Deep Panda is the hacking group behind US data breach, says cybersecurity firm - Tech2
NEWS: Military clearance OPM data breach 'absolute calamity' - NavyTimes.com | Canada government websites taken down in cyber attack - The Guardian | Former CIA Chief Says Government Data Breach Could Help China Recruit Spies - Wall Street Journal | Milit
NEWS: 'Cute' octopus may be new species | "Cyber attacks that are defined in the manual as a legal use of force governed by the laws of war include digital strikes that can cause a nuclear plant to melt down, a dam to open in a populated area causing dest
White House Weighs Sanctions After Second Breach of a Computer System - NYTimes.com
Obama Considering Range of Options in Response to OPM Hack | Washington Free Beacon
Iran Steps Up Cyber Attacks Across the Globe | Washington Free Beacon
The Real Fog of Cyberwar: Operational Cyber Planning
BIG READ: Russia leading the way in the cyber arms race | Irish Examiner
France Says Evidence Suggests Russians Posing as Islamists Hacked Broadcaster - WSJ
Cyberwarfare in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
cyber war on us - Google Search
Massive federal hack adds to US-China tensions ahead of upcoming talks - News - Stripes
Chinese Hackers Had a Year to Access OPM Security Clearance System - Breitbart
Schneier: China and Russia probably did get the Snowden leaks -- by hacking the NSA - Boing Boing
OPM: On Second Thought, We Don't Know When Massive Hack Began - Breitbart
Chinese Espionage: Was the OPM “Hack” Not a Hack, but Treason?

9/11 & CIA Report

Here's the CIA's Just-Released Top Secret File on Saudi Ties to 9/11
CIA releases secret report identifying errors before 9/11 | TheHill
'Human experimentation' and the CIA: read the previously classified document | Law | The Guardian
The Original Chechnya Bombers - The CIA, The Saudis And Bin Laden | Zero Hedge
‘It ranges from being fired to being executed’: Former CIA chief on what happens if a spy gets caught

History and Culture

Adolf Hitler: A Devious Man Who Changed the Course of History
Saul Bellow at 100 | Washington Free Beacon
Nina Simone: 'Are you ready to burn buildings?' | Music | The Guardian

Other News

Times Topics - The New York Times
Why Iran's Past Nuclear Actions Matter | The National Interest

Other Readings

forensic linguistic analysis - Google Search

How was Raymon Mercader identified?

How was Raymon Mercader identified? - Google Search
Ramón Mercader - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Gentlemen of Venona | The Nation
Ramón Mercader - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Venona project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Venona project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Venona project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Least Known Assassin: The Story of Ramon Mercader - Soviet-Empire.com U.S.S.R.
psychologist Dr. Alfonso Quiroz Cuaron - Google Search
Víctor Alba and Raymon Mercader - Google Search
Catalan historian Víctor Alba - Google Search


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