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The Emerging Conflict Between Putin And The Russian Military, His Only Real Opposition: The Dyumin Affair. Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Putinism? | "Political blogger Anton Orekh... said it was clear Putin’s trusted Dyumin completely although the rise of an ex-bodyguard resembled promoting Caligula’s horse to the senate." - Vladimir Putin is grooming Alexei Dyumin become future Russian president | In Historical Move, Pope to Meet With Leader of Russian Orthodox Church - The New York Times | Crane Collapses in New York City, Killing 1: A crane collapsed in New York City, along Worth Street Between Broadway and Church Street | Two NYPD officers shot in the Bronx; suspect dead -


Crane Collapses in New York City, Killing 1 : A crane collapsed in New York City, along Worth Street Between Broadway and Church Street on Friday, Feb 5, 2015.


Владимир Путин провёл совещание с постоянными членами Совета Безопасности.

Frustration, anger, bitterness, pain... 

Министр обороны Сергей Шойгу на совещании с постоянными членами Совета Безопасности.
Shoigu has some explaining to do... Now it is not just his house, it is MOD house... 

The Dyumin Affair

Alexey Dyumin, Putin's former bodyguard and his personal friend (as well as the oligarchs Rotenbergs' and Timchenko's favorite) apparently was groomed as the next GRU chief, which would give Putin the unlimited control of the Russia's (and one of the World's) most powerful intelligence agency. Instead, after about a month of having been appointed as Defense Minister Shoigu's deputy (on 12.24.2015) he, as it looks, was booted out of the Ministry of Defense and had to accept the governorship of Tula oblast (region). The Russian Military asserted its independence and integrity by rejecting Putin's personal overseer and Putin's attempt to further politicize and to subjugate the agency - the GRU. It is increasingly apparent that the Russian Military is deeply unhappy with Putin and probably with the scandals around him. They are also unhappy with robber barons - mafiosi oligarchs and with their own plight: habitually without the decent housing, miser salaries and the loss of status in the newly "capitalist", state mafia run Russia. They might also question the need for their participation in the Syrian war and the need to risk and sacrifice their lives when there so many unresolved issues and problems at home. The situation in Chechnya, where so many of their comrades perished and Kadyrov (and his 30,000 men strong private army) who blatantly challenges the central authorities, might be very much on their minds: 

“Kadyrov has the potential to be a tsar-maker,” Petrov told The New Yorker’s Yaffa.  “Not because he has more men at his disposal than, for example, the minister of defense, but because his men—tens of thousands of them—will carry out his orders without thinking twice. If the minister of defense tells his troops to storm the Kremlin, he can’t be sure that all of them will actually do it. But Kadyrov can.” 

29.01.2016 (12:30) - Министр обороны России генерал армии Сергей Шойгу провел очередное заседание Коллегии военного ведомства 

A.Dyumin was honored with personal "shtandart" (flag) at this (1.29.16) Military Collegium meeting. 

Does the Russian Military demand the removal of Kadyrov and the disbandment of his army, which many say, serves or is ready to serve as Putin's Chechen Praetorian Guard and possibly in some other sinister roles (e.g. see Nemtsov's murder)? 

Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Putinism? 

The Dyumin Affair : 

The Emerging Conflict Between Putin And The Russian Military 

Veteran TV and radio presenter Sergey Dorenko, chief editor of Govorit Moskva radio, said yesterday he believed Dyumin was being groomed as eventual successor to Putin.
‘I place my bet on Dyumin, without doubt,’ said Dorenko, a seasoned observer of the Kremlin who fell out with Putin after refusing to work for him.
He put him ahead of two other potential candidates to succeed Putin - premier Dmitry Medvedev, 50, who served as president for four years between 2008 and 2012, and Andrey Vorobyov, 45, currently governor of Moscow region.
Political blogger Anton Orekh - who made the ice hockey allegations - said it was clear Putin’s trusted Dyumin completely although the rise of an ex-bodyguard resembled promoting Caligula’s horse to the senate.
But he said: ‘It is logical to trust those who are so close to you.’
One account of Dyumin’s career was headlined: ‘He is always somewhere next to Putin.’ 

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