Tuesday, February 16, 2016

US to Russia: 'Put up or shut up' on Syrian ceasefire - CBS News

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US to Russia: 'Put up or shut up' on Syrian ceasefire - CBS News
Obama: No sign ceasefire will bring...
Tide turns in the battle for Syria
Syria Allows Humanitarian Aid To Seven Besieged Areas

Conspiracy theories around the death of Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia death: Questions asked as US fights over successor - BBC News
Senate GOP to Obama: Don't Bother Nominating to Court - ABC News
Conspiracy theories swirl around the death of Antonin Scalia - The Washington Post
Justice Antonin Scalia’s Death Attracts Conspiracy Theorists | TIME
Antonin Scalia's death breeds conspiracy theories - Telegraph
Uncertainty, Intrigue Surround US Supreme Court Vacancy
conspiracy theories about the death of Scalia - Google Search
Scalia’s death could doom McDonnell and Menendez
Scalia, the Senate and the Media: A time for hypocrisy | Fox News
Senate GOP to Obama: Don't bother nominating to Court - TheUnion local.com | TheUnion.com
10 conspiracy theories people are making up about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia - San Antonio Express-News


On Obama, Republicans should follow the late Justice Scalia’s advice - The Washington Post
Donald Trump's Big Lie on the Iraq War - Defense One
Fixing Our Broken Water Systems - The New York Times
Cash-only marijuana dispensaries flood California tax office with paper | US news | The Guardian

Middle East

Missiles in Syria kill 50 as schools, hospitals hit; Turkey accuses Russia | Reuters
Syrian Hospitals Hit as Battlefield Grows More Chaotic - NYTimes.com
NATO Powers, UN Condemn Deadly Strikes On Syrian Schools, Hospitals
Assad casts doubt on Syria ceasefire prospects - CNN.com
Assad and Putin Will Likely Disregard the Syria Cease-Fire and Destroy the Opposition
The current chaos in Syria may help the Islamic State - The Washington Post
Turks Fear Kurds, Regime Plan to Empty Northern Aleppo of Sunni Arabs
Turkey seeks allies' support for ground operation as Syria war nears border | Reuters
Turkey Wants Ground Troops in Syria
Pentagon leery of political pressure to move quickly on Mosul
Ruthless and Sober in Syria
Iraqi army helicopter crash kills nine: spokesman | Reuters
Refugees are becoming Russia's weapon of choice in Syria | World news | The Guardian
Three Americans Abducted In Iraq Freed
IS faces budget crunch, killing perks and slashing salaries - The Washington Post
Israel’s Netanyahu pans ‘baffling’ French peace proposal - The Washington Post
Netanyahu Urges Arab States to Acknowledge Israel Relations
German and Israeli cabinets meet in joint session | Germany | DW.COM | 16.02.2016

Russia and FSU

Russia Denies Its Warplanes Hit Syria Hospital - NYTimes.com
Natural Gas Explosion in Russian Apartment Building Kills 6 - NYTimes.com
Seven dead as gas blast in Russia collapses building | GlobalPost
Russia rejects war crime claims over bombing of Syria health facilities | World news | The Guardian
Russia Denies Its Warplanes Hit Syria Hospital - ABC News
Russia: How To Make A Mess Worse
Analysis: Russia Presses Air Blitz in Syria to Dictate Peace - ABC News
NATO urges Russia, Turkey to deescalate tensions
Vladimir Putin is dancing around us with ease – we must send troops into Syria - Telegraph
Natural gas explosion in Russian apartment building kills 6 - The Washington Post
The Daily Vertical: Russia Targets Turkey -- And NATO (Transcript)
The Daily Vertical: Russia Targets Turkey -- And NATO
Putin Is Exploiting Europe’s Numbing Lack of Direction
If Putin is reading her email… | Power Line
A Vision for U.S.-Russia Relations | RealClearPolitics
Ten points about where U.S-Russian relations are headed | Eurasian Geopolitics
Former Russian Health Chief Suggests U.S. Plotting Zika Attack
Did the pope just kiss Putin’s ring? | The Economist
Russian recession hasn't hurt the Putin brand — yet - World - CBC News
New Charge Against Russian Reporter In Fake Berlin Rape Report
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Upcoming Russian Duma Elections Becoming Ever More Meaningless – and Thus More Dangerous for the Kremlin

Review of Russian Press

Разыскиваемый за убийство Немцова вывез семью из Чечни
Белый дом опубликовал свою версию разговора Путина и Обамы :: Политика :: РБК
Имперские страхи Владимира Путина | Политика | ИноСМИ - Все, что достойно перевода
Артемий Троицкий. Еще один кавказский пленник - RUS DELFI
Путин пользуется (ошибочными) расчетами Обамы
Путин создал рабочую группу при Кремле для спора бизнеса и силовиков :: Бизнес :: РБК
Вести.Ru: Иран заплатит России $8 миллиардов за вооружения
Российский суд заочно арестовал экс-вице-премьера Коха - BBC Русская служба
СМИ сообщили об объявлении Альфреда Коха в международный розыск :: Политика :: РБК
Суд заочно арестовал бывшего вице-премьера России Альфреда Коха - «ВЗГЛЯД.РУ»
Блок Порошенко требует «ликвидировать режим Яценюка» - «ВЗГЛЯД.РУ»


Ukraine: 3 soldiers killed, 7 wounded in uptick in fighting - The Washington Post
Ukraine military reports highest daily death toll since November | Reuters
Three Soldiers Reported Killed In East Ukraine
Ukraine's Western-backed government faces vote that could dissolve cabinet | Reuters
Ukraine's Political Crisis Worsens as Calls Grow to Oust Cabinet - Bloomberg Business
Ukraine in Political Crisis as Government Faces No Confidence Vote - ABC News
Ukraine should heed its economy minister’s warning on corruption - The Washington Post
Ukraine's Prime Minister Faces Possible Vote Of No Confidence
The Guardian view on Ukraine’s crisis: take the long view | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
Ukraine's Government Survives No Confidence Vote - ABC News
Ukraine’s president calls for prime minister to resign - The Washington Post
Ukraine President Asks PM to Resign
Poroshenko Calls For PM, Prosecutor To Resign
Ukraine crisis: President asks PM Yatsenyuk to resign - BBC News
Ukraine: Arseniy Yatsenyuk's cabinet voted unsatisfactory - BBC News
Ukrainian government survives no-confidence vote - read on - uatoday.tv
Ukrainian government hangs by thread as confidence vote looms | Reuters
ukraine - Google Search
Рада не смогла отправить Кабмин в отставку (видео) - Политические новости Украины - "За" – 194 депутата | СЕГОДНЯ
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Ukrainian prosecutor-general resigns after Poroshenko request
Вести.Ru: Не по Сеньке шапка: Рада готова отправить в отставку Яценюка с его кабинетом
Верховная рада признала неудовлетворительной работу правительства Яценюка :: Политика :: РБК
Порошенко предложил Яценюку сменить правительство :: Политика :: РБК


Belgian Police Arrest 10 in Investigation of ISIS Network - NYTimes.com


America Must Improve Its National Missile-Defense Program | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com
A Unifying Theory—and Plan—for Defeating ISIS Propaganda - Defense One
Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Flags Ability To Deter Israel From Third Lebanon War
Nasrallah threatens missile strike on Haifa ammonia plant
Analysts Made Complaints to Intelligence Chief About Skewed ISIS Intel - Washington Free Beacon
The CI Professional: An Interview with Dr. John Schindler | The XX Committee


Anonymous: Hacker unleashes 17.8GB trove of data from a Turkish national police server
CIA head: Cyberattack threat ‘keeps me up at night’ | TheHill


Saudis and Russia agree oil output freeze, Iran still an obstacle | Reuters
Saudis and Russia agree to oil output freeze, talks with Iran to follow | Reuters
Oil eases off highs after four producers agree output freeze
Russia, Saudi Arabia Agree Oil-Output Freeze
Four oil producing nations agree to freeze output - BBC News
The Latest: Oil Price Slides After Output Talks Inconclusive - ABC News
Saudi Arabia, Russia Lead 4-party Freeze on Oil Outputs
Putin's Reward for Doing a Deal With OPEC Overshadowed by Risks - Bloomberg Business
Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Venezuela Agree to Freeze Oil Output at January’s Levels - WSJ


Alaska Airlines Flight Diverted To Dulles Airport After Smoke Spotted In Cockpit - ABC News
Actor Killed With Samurai Sword In Rehearsal
New York police probe assault claim against Eliot Spitzer; lawyer disputes | Reuters
Spitzer flipped out when woman wanted to return to Russia - NY Daily News
Jihadis used armored vehicles in Mali UN base attack - The Washington Post
Viola Beach: massive oil tanker sailed over wreckage of band's crashed car - Telegraph
Actor Stabbed to Death With Sword at Japanese Play Rehearsal - ABC News
Dispatcher in Deadly German Train Crash Faces Investigation - The New York Times
Man Having Mental Exam Dies After Police Use Stun Gun on Him - ABC News
Adele's Grammys performance: What went wrong? - CNN.com


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Conspiracy Theories About Zika Spread Along With the Virus - The New York Times
Former U.N. chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali dead at 93: Venezuelan envoy | Reuters
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