Below are a series of articles mentioning activities of Far West LLC A consulting firm with an odd way of doing business. Also some pictures of players in the company and some background information on them. Researchers and readers familiar with Peter Dale Scott (see his work in the Global Drug Meta Group which I think we have in the drugs board here) will recognise many here. I have only included the English articles. There is much more in Russian at ????.??

IPROG "Experts" Update Their Mug Shots
Ruslan Saidov aka Ugur Mehmed (left) and Vladimir Filin aka "Ilyich", "El Buho". Photos courtesy

"Somewhere near Moscow": Anton Surikov (center) with Shatbai Shavit (left) and Dov Kontorer at the recent conference of Israeli and Russian intelligence services organized by Sergei Kurginyan and his Experimental Creative Center. Photo courtesy

Owners of Far West Ltd (from the left): Ruslan Saidov, Vladimir Filin, Anton Surikov

Davidoviz-Muller's ties to LA fascism, to death squads, his double game with FARC are logical outcome of the social nature of FarWest -- the mafiiso-political society born out of the New World Order, new fascism.

From the left: Filin, Saidov, Surikov. Recent photo from Finland 

Vladimir Vladimirovich Litovchenko (b. 1960)
General-Major of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense,
Vice-president of Far West LLC
Owner of several ethanol factories in Brazil,
business partner of George Soros
Known cover names:
Vladimir Ilyich Filin (Ukrainian and British passports)
F. P. Carvallo (Brazilian passport)
Stoikovich (Serbian passport)
Known handles: 
"Ilyich," "El Buho"

Anton Surikov -- Mansour Nathoev
Rt. Colonel of GRU, commander of the "security service" of the Cherkess Congress. Received special training in guerilla war and psychological operations. 

Fritz Ermarth of the Nixon Center and SAIC.
"Former" CIA officer, probably partly ethnic Adygei and distant relative of Surikov-Natkhoev. Main contact of Farwest in the United States. Specialist in disinformation and false-flag operations. Representative of the US military-industrial complex and post-Nazi elites in the Atlantic intelligence community. Member of the Bushes' inner circle of political and intelligence operatives. Ideologically motivated Russophobe, one of the central figures in the ongoing secret war against Russia.

Sir Rodric Braithwaite of
Deutsche Bank and
David Cameron's Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs

Ruslan Saidovich Sadulaev (b. 1960)
Major-General, Advisor to the Minister of Defense, Republic Uzbekistan, head of the illegal "external intelligence service of Chechen Republic," formerly "The Istambul Bureau" under President Maskhadov. Close associate of Khozh Nukhaev, wanted for the murder of Paul Khlebnikov.
Known cover names
Ruslan Saidov (Russian passport),
Ruslan Muhammedovich Muhammedov (Uzbek passport), Nihat (Turkish passport) 

Alexei Kolosovskii (b. 1960)
Ulrainian and British passports on
Alexei Likhvintsev 

Major-General of
Ukrainian military intelligence, in charge of the Special Department "R" (Russia). Married to Liudmilla Rozkina, US and British passports, former GRU agent.
Handles: "Pribalt"
Photo circa 1988-89 

Igor Sechin (b. 1960), Kremlin functionary and the informal leader of Russian silovikiServed in Angola under Kolosovskii's command as military interpretor. 
Major-General Valery Lunev (cover name)
KGB, Belarus
Handle: Lun

Alfonso Davidoviz-Mueller,
Cuban-Soviet double agent, banker, involved in narcotrafficking and money laundering, known to major secret services and used by them. Married to the relative of Venezuelan General Mueller Rojas.
Handle: "Felix"