I will call him "Ishmael": The Global and The US Domestic Terrorism Incidents, The Mass Shooting Incidents, and The Incidents of Shooting at the U.S. Police Officers: Comparisons and The Illustrations for The Statistical Analysis

I will call him "Ishmael"

The Global and The US Domestic Terrorism Incidents, The Mass Shooting Incidents, and The Incidents of Shooting at the U.S. Police Officers: Comparisons and The Illustrations for The Statistical Analysis | 11.19.16 - I am very saddened and sorry to admit that I might have been rejoicing prematurely | 11.17.16: I hope, that the problem is solved. | Canonsburg police shooting | Scott Leslie Bashioum - Wake up, people! 


Last and Current Update: 11.23.16

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This (painting by) Rafael is in a (black mourning) frame, it will branch out ("ramos" - branches in Spanish), "we framed them" (frame - "rama" in Russian) - interpretation of the name Rafael Ramos.

(It is) In Lieu of of  Vengeance - interpretation of the name Wenjian Liu. 

Ismaaiyl = Ishmael: The avenger - social outcast - the rebel, the mask, the narrator of the opening chapter of the ensuing drama.

"And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction."

"Ishmael is a fictional character in Herman Melville's Moby-Dick (1851). Ishmael, the only surviving crewmember of the Pequod, is the narrator of the book. As a character he is a few years younger than as a narrator. His importance relies on his role as narrator; as a character, he is only a minor participant in the action. The Biblical name has come to symbolize orphans, exiles, and social outcasts."

Brinsley: Brin: Sergey Brin + slay: "This is my (our) new weapon: Internet + Google Search + Various digital databases - I (we) shall slay "your evil kingdom" with this weapon.

In Summary: The prologue, the opening chapter of the new war and the new drama, which, unfortunately, had proved to be correct. We missed this "Declaration of War" because we did not bother to look into the semantic message of this crime which was very much on a surface.

The organizers of this crime viewed their actions as the form of art, indicated the cause of their actions: Vengeance, and their plans "to branch out". Possible, but still hypothetical criminal signature might be indicated by the Russian word "rama" - frame, which might also be a mask of deception for other intelligence services or organized crime groups.


The U.S. and Global Security Review: Two Police Officers Fatally Shot ...

Dec 21, 2014 - The two police officers - Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos - were sitting in their police ... to a 49-point lead for the Democrats' 2016 nomination - Washington Post (blog) ...... US & Global Security News - from Mike Nova (56 sites).

FBI director Comey: 'law enforcement is not the root cause' of police and race problems. Comey also called for an overhaul of the “ridiculous” way the FBI and police collect and share information, saying “data seems like a dry and boring word” but without it law enforcement cannot understand the reasons behind arrests, shootings and deaths. The director tried to strike a middle ground between critics of the police and law enforcement, saying “I am not willing to let law enforcement off the hook” and also that police are “overwhelmingly doing the right thing and making the right choices.” - The Guardian



The following are the unpublished notes, among the other unpublished notes, that I took soon after these murders. I did not publish them at that time to preserve the confidentiality of this thinking and this hypothesis, which I felt might be helpful for the investigation. The subsequent events confirmed this line of thought and this hypothesis in my mind.  



The assassinated police officers' names, just like the purp's, are apparently the "tells", which fits the general preexisting pattern, as a part of the "signature". Brinsley went around the police car, most likely verifying its license plate number, which probably was given to him with the order to kill, to send the message with these preselected names. This means that police computers might be hacked and its information system breached and penetrated and used as a part of a broader operational database. This might be the overall and deliberate "tell".
This interpretation might be confirmed by the emblazoned logo on Brinsley's jacket: "we framed you, Indians, in the game of spades." Wikipedia article on "Spades" contains a picture on which the cards are trumped by the East player, covering them with the "K"-King = "Kalashnikov" card. All four cards form a cross: Christmas. Interpretation: "East is the best, you will see it on Christmas".

Social media postings might have been done, totally or in part, by others, accomplices or handlers." 

Brinsley wore this jacket when he ambushed the officers.

Brinsley's jacket: "You are the Indians, we are the cowboys..."



The FBI monitors my computers very closely and very carefully, and it did monitor them at that time. I was fully aware of this fact, and  I made these and other notes available on the computer in the hope that they will read them, and that these notes would be helpful in the investigation and prevention of the mass shootings and police officers' killings, and was ready to help them with it in every way I could. Apparently, they did not pay any attention to these notes, and instead continued their primitive and smug "COINTELPRO" operation against me. Their stupidity and incompetence are beyond belief. They would rather engage into political activities, then do their job. Investigate the "Investigators", who most likely are deeply infiltrated by the Russian and others' Intelligence Services. The war on police and the waves of the mass murders started soon after the New York police officers' murders of 2014 and intensified up to the present moment. If they paid some attention to my hypothesis, which was conceived at the time of these murders or even earlier, and consulted me, (and I offered them my help in my previous to these events posts), probably , at least some of these tragedies could be prevented. Instead, they tried to recruit me as an informant. Their stupidity and primitivism are immense, I will say this again. They should have understood, whom they were and are dealing with, but how could they understand this, if they understand so little in general? I have never been anyone's informant in my entire life (check your KGB file which they probably shared with you, they would not dare to lie), and I will never be, and I told them that, being barely able to restrain my rage. It is not only below me, but simply is totally out of the sphere of my mental life and out of my character. As a side comment, I will say that I think, it is the "institute of informants" that is destroying the FBI, although it is needed and necessary, and is used everywhere. There is a common sense measure in everything. In addition, I have nothing and no one to inform on, but this is beside the point. I just cannot unglue myself from that damn computer, and it takes all of my time.

Mr. Comey, I respect you and I like you, and I hope that you will continue as an FBI Director. If it is requested, I would work, not as much for the FBI per se, but with you and for you personally, formally or informally, paid or unpaid, it simply does not matter; not as an "informant", of course, this very word makes me feel that I want to throw up, and I am not going to write it again, but as a consultant, if needed, and to help in the proper, objective and in depth investigations of these matters and other areas that are of the concern to the FBI. I simply want to solve these puzzles. I do not think that I would be willing to work with another FBI director, if I don't know him sufficiently.

I do not know you that well also, but our brief and incidental, if somewhat under the strange and unusual for me circumstances, meeting in Puerto Rico, several years ago, created the impression in me that you are quite a humane, decent, compassionate, and even unusually so, human being and, to put it simply, a good man. I want you to know, that I did appreciate these qualities in you at that time, and do appreciate them now. I also would like to apologize for that absolutely crazy and inappropriate obscene gesture that I made to those people in the crowd of the FBI agents, that you were nice and kind enough to invite to meet me, for taking my picture, and I also want to apologize directly to the lady who took my picture, and regardless of anything else; this apology was long overdue: "Sorry, lady". And I do not feel any qualms at all about presenting my apologies publicly, just like this offence happened publicly: I was wrong, I admit it, and I hope that this will be understood, and I could be forgiven (please, place some appropriate "smiley" here, I could not find a good one). It was and it is totally out of character for me, and I think and hope that this might be clear by now. I can explain that occurrence only by the tensions and the stress of the moment, and also, of course or maybe, by a certain degree of personal immaturity (but who of us is totally personally mature? It probably is a lifelong process of growth): I felt the whole army of the FBI agents, whom I practically never dealt with before, descended on me for some unclear purposes, playing all those little games, making their nasty and "omniscient" comments, letting me know that my apartment, my writings and my whole life is thoroughly bugged by them, all the details of my past life is well known to them, etc., etc. I could not care less, because I have absolutely nothing to hide and nothing to be afraid of, but it irritated the hell out of me.  They even wired my friends and acquaintances for their secret recordings.

I hope that my apologies will be accepted. It would be good if we could leave the past in the past. I also want you and other people to know that I am aware of the care and concern with which the FBI surrounds me and that I do appreciate it, although I truly feel, that there is no really any significant need for it, and I would prefer to be without this protective, and at times hostile surveillance, and I would prefer the government not to have all these extra expenses, when so much attention and work is needed somewhere. But I guess, it is not just up to me to make the decisions on these issues. I hope, that this monologue might help to clear the air somewhat. I also want to state, that I do not forgo my rights to be objective, independent, and even openly and unreservedly critical at times, if and when it is justified, but without any more obscene gestures, I hope.

We all are facing very difficult, very trying times, and we are in the very midst of them, with all the accompanying confusions and uncertainties. I did develop a set of beliefs and, as I feel, insights, into some of the most intriguing, difficult and taxing problems that the law enforcement field is facing. I want to work on them. Naturally, I cannot do it alone, and maybe it will be possible to work on them together in some or any way, shape or form that could contribute towards the resolution of these problems. I think, I will continue the blogging anyway, regardless if we work together or not, and I do not really want any employment - this is not a job application, I just do want , as I said, to try to solve these puzzles with the FBI help. This what counts in the end, beyond our past histories and conflicts, and any and all other aspects: the resolution, at least partial of the difficult problems, that we, as the people, the country as a whole, and the FBI as the institution, are facing. Let us work on it, while we are still able and willing.

The entity we call "God" does work in its most mysterious ways: this experience, with the touching assistance of your, or my most caring "personal trainer" (thank you, baby, I love you) did help me to understand certain things about myself, my emotions and my life, about the world we live in, and also about the FBI, and, with regard to the latter, the things that are probably good, and those, that, I feel, are not so good, or plainly ugly or wrong, and have to be changed. I shared some of these impressions in my blogs earlier, and can share them again, if I am asked, in person, or in groups, or in the more systematized ways, not in rage and anger, but dispassionately, with the intention to help and to fix what has to be fixed. The main thing that I learned, methinks, is, that it never pays to lie to yourself as a person and also to ourselves as an institution, and also to ourselves as a culture and as a country. These lies might be soothing and even "therapeutic" at a moment, they dull the pain, and help to avoid and to escape the reality of pain, the discomfort of the unknown and the unknowable, the stings of uncertainties, they lead to, as it is called somewhat clumsily in psychology, a "dissociation": unwillingness to face the truth and the reality by creating the parallel "make believe", "as if", illusionary worlds of the untruths of the various kinds, from the so called "multiple personalities" to all sorts of the political correctness and the political, and the geopolitical delusions. But this various self-deceptions, in the end, never work, they make things worse, sometimes much worse, they are dangerous and self-destructive. It is always better to face the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune", to oppose them, to understand them, to deal with them, and "to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them". Which might not always be possible, or easy or successful, but there is simply no other, human, intelligent, and/or our culture-determined way to deal with these troubles.  

Michael Novakhov



The Global and The US Domestic Terrorism Incidents, The Mass Shooting Incidents, and The Incidents of Shooting at the U.S. Police Officers: Comparisons and The Illustrations for The Statistical Analysis

by Michael Novakhov


For the updates see this and other posts in the "Archives" section of my blogs: 

"The analysis of the semantic styles and the attempt at attribution of the "messaging system" in the most recent episode of law enforcement officers killing: My impressions and conclusions: I do not think that this (particular) event and the "message" is from the Russians. I think, that it is most likely from a lower level Israeli intelligence officer. 

I do not think that I want to continue writing publicly on this issue in the nearest future for a variety of reasons, the main of them being that it is very tiring. Let us consider it closed or semi-closed for now. To resolve and to understand it truly, the exchange of the information is needed between the agencies or the services involved, and this issue is much above my (or maybe anyone's, at the moment) "pay grade", as we like to say, especially that there is no  any "pay grade" and no interest in it, the fun would be gone. I hope that these mysteries will be solved one day, based on the hard facts,  the reliable documents, and other reliable information. 


I am very saddened and sorry to admit that I might have been rejoicing prematurely and that my wishful thinking might have taken hold of my ability for assessment again. After a very brief lull, a report of the killing of the US marshal appeared in the press, and it very clearly contains the coded messages: 

Deputy US marshal shot, killed in Georgia; suspect dead - Fox News 

I will not go into the details of these messages and their interpretations, and will cite only one of them: Savannah (Georgia), Which I interpreted as "Save Anna" (Mother Russia), a reference to my post that was published some time ago: 

To this I want to respond: I did honestly try to help you by giving you my advice and sharing my thoughts with you, like, for example, in this post: "The Solution for Crimea". This is the only thing I can do: to share my thoughts honestly, and as I think, objectively. I am not able and will not be willing to do anything else. Do not try to recruit me, it is useless and stupid,  I am not a recruitment material for you; never was, never will be. Stop this game. And if you are trying to implicate me into something, it will not work either: people here, in this country, are quite intelligent and they know and see very well what is going on.

I am not able to save "Anna", whatever you mean by this: Russia or Putin, and I want to remind you this old maxim from the well known Soviet satirists: 

The essence of the rest of the coded messages, without going into the details of the interpretations, is: "Be afraid of Trump, he is going to harm you, be careful", etc., etc. My dear friends (speaking figuratively, of course, and just being polite): I do not need your advice, I know myself what I should or should not do, do not try to influence me, take care of your own problems, and leave my issues to me. Another advice: do try to separate the literature and satirical fiction, which I publish in my blogs, from reality. I know how to do it very well, and I think that you should start learning it. 

When I was working on my previous post, specifically on my suspicions about the Russian moles within the FBI, - "“Yeah, a coup d’etat,” said Blumenthal", in the middle of writing a sentence - I did receive one of the strange phone calls that I sometimes get. No one spoke on the phone, when I called the number back, I heard a recording, which identified the place as "Sputnik Radio", etc. The strangeness was in phone number itself: "443507 - 3320" was a part of it that I remember: this phone number miraculously disappeared(*) from the caller ID just within about half-an-hour and might have been some computerized bogus phone number. This number is a reference to my recent post: "Tishe, tishe, tishe, malchishi-kibalchishi!", specifically to the "serial number" in Elton John's song "I am your robot": "44357" - that's how I recognized and remembered the number; with one difference: the digit "0" was added before "7", which is a reference to "007". To this, I answer: I do not have enough sufficient qualifications to be the "007", you think too highly of me. The rest of the numbers: "3320" is a reference to the grading marks system in the Soviet - Russian primary schools; thus I received the progressively very bad grades, from "3" - barely satisfactory, to "2" - unsatisfactory, to "0" - below any grades, apparently, for my poor performance as the "007". 

*Correction: the phone number did not disappear, the call was made to the  mobile phone. The call was received at 9:58 am today, on 11.19.16 from: (443) 507-3320. The rest stays the same. This is most likely, probably, one of the usual little FBI games, but I really do not know what it was.

Shortly after this I received another phone call, which, as I felt, was a hint that I should be concerned about the health of my closest family member (and I do have the sufficient reasons to believe that there were serious and hostile, potentially lethal outside attempts to interfere in these matters.) 

All this activity might be in part the Russian, in part the FBI, specifically, one of their agents who is marked by the exceptional even for them stupidity and the burning frustration and rage due his inability "to get me" and by my criticism, which I express openly, although in the privacy of my own living space (which, as we know, is not private at all). The worst possible scenario would be that this activity, both the Russian and the FBI, might be in some ways coordinated and conducted in concert. This might only confirm the suspicions expressed in the referenced above post

I would like to ask the relevant US agencies and their highly qualified specialists, absolutely other than the FBI, to look into all of this, and to conduct their own objective and competent investigation. All the needed additional information will be provided. 

Once again, I feel saddened and hurt by the death of yet another US law enforcement officer, a US marshal, in the current circumstances. One of the possible explanations for the resumption of this madness might be that Putin is presently away on a trip to Peru, but I do not know what significance should be attributed to this fact. 

We do live in the very confusing and troubled times, I hope that we will start to see some light at the end of the tunnel at some point, but, of course, nobody knows, how, what and when it will be. I will try to post the updates on the subject of this post regularly, and can only hope that these matters will eventually be resolved. Once again, we'll live, we'll see. The possibility of the masked third or fourth parties' involvements to copycat and imitate the Russian activities is the distinct one, to create the impression that the Russians activities continue and that nothing have changed. There are some subtle stylistic differences in the the content and the form of the "messages", they are somewhat cruder, more direct and more primitive. Subjectively, it feels that it might be the Israeli involvement, which remains strictly hypothetical.

One thing I want to add, with regard to the train (and possibly bus and other) accidents, due to new reports: the possibility of the hostile use of the sleeping gas in the invisible capsules (similar to what the FBI uses for its "shit bombs"), should absolutely be considered: 


I hope, that the problem is solved. 

На совещании по вопросам мобилизационной готовности оборонно-промышленного комплекса. Фото ТАСС
17 ноября 2016 года Сочи

I hope, that the problem is solved. We'll live, we'll see. If it is solved, thank you, Vovchik. And, probably, thank you, Donald, too. This might be the benefit of the business approach: fast, swift, and to the point: it probably took just one phone call, at the right time, and to the right place, after four or more years of the inaction and the non-sequiturs. When it is fair, it is fair. I am the first one to criticize but will be the first one to say "thank you", when it is deserved. However, it occurred to me later, that these statements above might be, in fact, grossly unfair, and that this assumption of Trump's intervention is entirely hypothetical, and might be simply my fantasy and the usual wishful thinking. It is entirely possible, and, probably, even likely, that the initiative came from our dear brother (too dear to be called a Big Brother, despite some overtones of it), Barak or his assistants. It is also entirely possible, that there was no intervention at all, and Putin undertook this investigation entirely on his own, alarmed by the possible consequences and repercussions. We simply do not have any reliable facts to make any conclusions, and when some facts are available, the historians, present or future, will work on them. 

And now, methinks and hopes, we have to dig out all the details (we cannot dig out anything else, unfortunately), to analyze them, and to learn from our mistakes and our complacency, with or without the (desirable) Russian cooperation. 

Apparently, judging from his actions, reactions, and interactions V. Putin was not involved in this affair (as I, what now looks, wrongly, has supposed earlier), unless his hypothetical involvement was very subtle, tacit, and implied, which is a style of many the experienced master-politicians, with the very convenient options of blaming the others. We simply do not know enough about this also and yet. 

It also looks, that when he learned about it from this article, and probably from the other sources (which remain hypothetical), he moved to investigate it swiftly, decisively, through his own channels and by his own, apparently efficient in this case ways, fully, and in-depth, and, most importantly, he apparently, was able to put a swift stop to it, or so it seems. And this is not surprising: it reflected badly on him and did raise the reasonable and logical questions about his supposed involvement. 

I do not want to share publicly the details of my observations, it is not necessary. The main thing is that this issue would be truly and fully resolved, and would not reoccur. The important thought, that I feel, I should share, is that the past is the past, and we should not be dragged into it and should not dwell on it excessively, despite all the overtones of  tragedy and rage. It is my honest and independent opinion, that the improvement in the US - Russia relations should proceed, cautiously but surely, and regardless of the peculiarities and particulars of any given leaders or any given moments, and with the full awareness of the enormous complexities and potential roadblocks, and also with the full awareness of the potential for their successful resolutions, as this case demonstrates. I think that these two countries and the world as a whole would benefit from the true, respectful, and frank cooperation and partnership, without the issues undiscussed and unexplored, and without the problems unresolved. In other words, it seems to me, we might seriously consider the possibility of the new and the true alliance, after the all existing roadblocks and obstacles are cleared, including the absolutely unacceptable meddling into the elections process, cyberwar, intelligence war, etc. etc. Now I sound like some type of the wise diplomat, which I never was, am not able to be by my nature, and will never be. 

Another interesting (especially for the psychology of military, intelligence, and security services), although a side issue, is that the identification with the aggressor as a defense mechanism, does not always, and does not necessarily work. When and why it works, and when and why it does not, is another set of interesting questions. 

The solution of the master-slave dilemma is pain and death, which is the only solution for many, as the cases of the suicidal terrorism illustrate. 

"Death struggle: 

A struggle to the death ensues. However, if one of the two should die, the achievement of self-consciousness fails. Hegel refers to this failure as "abstract negation" not the negation or sublation required. This death is avoided by the agreement, communication of, or subordination to, slavery. In this struggle the Master emerges as Master because he does not fear death since he does not see his identity dependent on life, while the slave out of this fear consents to the slavery. This experience of fear on the part of the slave is crucial, however, in a later moment of the dialectic, where it becomes the prerequisite experience for the slave's further development."

They are not the solution for societies and cultures, although the historical quests for mastery and domination are as old as the world and the Civilization themselves, and sometimes were and can be suicidal. 

Michael Novakhov


P.S. Something or someone is/are plaing with the typeset, I cannot fix it. 

Published: 11.10.16 | Last Update: 11.13.16

M.N.: I will not share my interpretation of the three most recent episodes, but they do contain the coded messages also, which, I think I was able to understand adequately. 

Recent Shootings of Police Officers and Other Accidents and Incidents - Links


My deepest heart felt condolences to Officer Bashioum's family, and also to the families of other police officers recently killed in the line of duty. 

My interpretation of this tragic event: the organizers of this killing(s) were sending the message not only with the event itself, they were sending the hidden messages, coded within the officer's name and within the names of the location(s) where the killing(s) occurred, just like with many other previous episodes of killings of police officers and also with other accidents, some of which I described and published in my blogs earlier, and some in my unpublished notes and drafts, which, I thought, might be useful to the law enforcement in their investigations, since the records on my computer are fully available, without my consent or permission, of course, to many different and unknown to me parties. No adequate reaction followed, at least not that I know of, the inadequate reactions, of their crazy COINTELPRO type, do not deserve the attention and are irrelevant at this time to this subject. I feel that I have to publish my observations, to share them with the public and with the relevant people, because I feel that they might be important and that they might hold some clues toward understanding, and therefore, hopefully to the prevention of these events. Besides that, I do not want to be placed in a position of a some type of an unwitting participant in these events, as apparently the organizers' goal is, by not sharing these observations with the relevant people and with the public. It is not a simple or easy choice or decision, but I think that the potential benefits and usefulness of this information (which is made open) do outweigh other considerations. The additional point is the possible significance of these observations and interpretations in the light of the new situation in the country, with all its possible implications. I have to say, that I did ask the supposed, as I thought, organizer(s) of these events repeatedly, most recently a few days ago, to stop them, and in no uncertain terms, just by speaking out loud (believe it or not, sounds crazy but it is the truth: their (probably several different parties, whose identity is not very certain to me) microphones and cameras work quite well; but these events did continue, just the tone of the messages changed somewhat. From the descriptions and the interpretations below it will become evident that Russia or her services are the suspects. I want to make my thinking in this regard clear: I am not completely convinced that it is Russia, the hypothetical involvement of other parties is possible also but I think that it is most likely Russia. Another point: I think that the good relations between Russia, the US and the rest of the West will be beneficial for all involved, but I think that these issues, which practically amount to the state of intelligence war, have to be fully explored, adequately investigated and ultimately resolved, as a part or prerequisite to the positive change. I do not have any background in intelligence work whatsoever and these observations below are just my personal, non-professional impressions. Just like almost all of us, I do not want police officers and other people killed or injured in ambushes or mass shooting episodes, we do not want to see trains and buses crashed, etc., etc. I want to ask again, and I know, absolutely seriously, that this message of mine will be related and heard: stop it. This is madness, and it has to stop. With all the customs, habits, and traditions of the intelligence actions seen as regular normal work by professionals, it is not acceptable and productive for common people, for the countries, and for their relations. If you want these relations to change for better, stop these and all other hostile actions. Friends do not do these things to friends. If you intend to continue this intelligence war and count on some type of the combined political destabilization, I do not think that it is going to happen and remember the Russian proverb about the stick with two ends. This is your choice, and I hope that you will think it over, and consider or reconsider it very carefully.


"Scot (
скот) Le slie (sly)" (addressed to me, not to the officer), "Bash I ou'm":

You, the sly animal (addressed to me), Bash I owe them.

Canonsburg police shooting

Canonsburg: Canons - burg, possible reference to the popular Russian, derived from the other old sources, saying: "The muses have to be silent when the canons talk."

West Pike Street and Bluff Avenue: basically, self-explanatory.

were ”ambushed upon their arrival.”

"This here is just unbelievable," he said

"This is the craziest it's been," he said.

Mike Nova @mikenov 


Michael Cwiklinski ("Svik-h-linsky) - (the perp): Michael who "svikhnulsya" (in Russian): went unhinged, crazy, mad. 


Previous Recent Episodes

Please note, that the killings of police officers in the Bronx, NY, occurred on November 4, 2016, which is a day before or almost the same day, considering the time zone difference, as November 5 in Russia, which is the professional holiday in Russia: The Day of the Military Intelligence Officer: "день военного разведчика". The Russians like their holidays and they like to celebrate them with panache and they like to make the presents for themselves which they enjoy greatly. 
Please, also note that 2009 Fort Hood shooting also occurred on November 5. 
I will have to check the other events and the callendar, or you do it for me, my good students: I will not be surprised at all, if something happened each and every previous year on this particular date. 

» Officer killed near Pittsburgh in especially deadly week for US police - CNN
10/11/16 12:49 from 1. Recent Events Review from mikenova (35 sites)
Police officers Bronx - Google News CNN Officer killed near Pittsburgh in especially deadly week for US police CNN Two Canonsburg police officers were shot "as soon as they approached the front of the residence" in Canonsburg w...

Other Recent Incidents: Russian consulate nyc death 


Louisville man accused of shooting police officer denies allegations in 3-hour police interview

There is also a possibility, at least in some cases of mass shootings and the shootings of police officers, that they are performed by the teams of hired or professional killers, some type of a "Spetsnaz", operating in America, who kill the putative, the supposed suspected perpetrators to cover their tracks, in the confusion of the incidents, especially if this confusion was pre-orchestrated or facilitated. These suspicions arose most noticeably in Orlando shootings of June 2016 but were considered in the previous episodes also, e.g. St. Bernardino. It might mean that this is the deliberate, planned, premeditated campaign of the domestic terrorism (this inconvenient thinking was actively muted, discounted and downplayed, if not suppressed, it looks like, by the Obama Administration), and they are not the disparate "accidental" occurrences. This activity is most likely aided by the unimpeded access to the vast variety of digital records, including the various police records, which is in accordance with, and explains the "telling" names and places which might have been pre-selected. It might also be aided by the FBI and police moles or collaborators. It might also imply that this activity is directed from a single operational center which serves as the integrator and the distributor of the operational information. This center or centers might be located both inside of the country and abroad. 
The whole matter requires the most immediate attention and actions, probably on the multiple levels, including, most importantly, the "cyber-level". This activity might intensify in the future and be synergistic with the lack of political stability. Is this the "hybrid", the multidimensional war in action, in response to sanctions, or even beyond them, as the quest for the world domination, and its first step: neutralization and elimination of the main rival? Only the sick, deranged mind of the sick, deranged madman can produce such an idea and plan. 
Our most beloved FBI should concern itself with these, and not the political issues, which drain its resources and will, which in itself might be a part of the hostile design also. 

As was observed earlier, "the incidents of global and domestic (USA) terrorism activity and the incidents of the USA mass shootings show very similar dynamics, with the main recent trend of sharp exponential increase, especially since 2011. This might be an indication that they are the parts of the same phenomenon and that they originate and are directed and coordinated from the same center. I think, this has to be looked into and studied further, with incorporation of other and broader sets of data... 
To many "reasons for radicalization" described in this Wikipedia article, I would add one more, which was not mentioned in this article but might be the main one, at least in some cases, although this reason is as old as the world itself, mundane and "prosaic": money. These people are simply paid for what they do, and probably paid very well. For the person who wants to provide for his family or loved ones, this might be the most decisive factor and the easiest way to do it and to prove his self-worth to them and him-herself, especially in combination with other factors, among them - depression and suicidal wish.
Please, note, that the perpetrators in the recent episodes, just like, very likely in many others, were in need for cash. Also note, that this factor might have played a role in Omar Mateen's actions, as his recent financial transactions, namely, the transfer of the house, indicate. Terrorism's link with money, on both the large and the small scales, is the very important factor. 

"Not only the shooting episodes, but the other relevant and/or suspicious accidents and incidents should also be included into the studies, to get a larger picture." 

"Any correlations are interesting." 

See also: "Harvard Researchers: Every 64 Days There's A Mass Shooting | "Our study includes 160 active shooter incidents in the US from 2000-2013." - Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release) | US Mass Shootings, "Mind Control", and "Special Operations" - Web Review". 

Let us compare the statistics on: 

Global Terrorism incidents

US Domestic Terrorism  incidents

Mass Shooting incidents

Incidents of shooting at police officers

and various other accidents and incidents, such as train crashes, bus crashes and other notable road or auto accidents, etc., and other notable occurrences. 

This attempt at comparison should not be viewed at all as a "scientific" study or analysis, it is simply an illustration: I looked up what appeared to be the most interesting or informative graphs in the image sections of the corresponding Google Searches and somewhat and unforgivably arrogantly dared to attach my little comments to them. However, an illustration might be the first step to analysis: it does not hurt to see clearly first, what we will try to analyze later. 

Image result for Global Terrorism incidents
Note, that the numbers of deaths and injuries went up dis-proportionally to the number of incidents: the attacks are becoming more deadly and more efficient, which might indicate the growing role of military or paramilitary factors, such as training, intelligence, coordination, and planning, etc. 

Image result for Global Terrorism incidents

Note the exponential: rapid, abrupt increase since 2011. 

 Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.01.21 AM (2)Note the role of the religious factors. 

Image result for Global Terrorism incidents
The same: exponential increase since 2011
Image result for Global Terrorism incidents
Global School Terror Attacks

US Domestic Terrorism  incidents

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

The same: exponential increase since 2011.

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

The same: exponential increase since 2011, and note: irrespective of the "background ideology": "jihadists" or "non-jihadists", which might indicate the role of the common factors which operate in the causation of both types: "it does not matter with what stick, just hit them", although they do go in parallel. 

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

It looks like, that with San Bernardino shooting, the death toll from the "Islamic Terrorism" did catch up in numbers, and the numbers became practically equal. 

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

The Orlando attack increased, almost to twofold, the number of casualties from the "jihadist" attacks. Are the organizers well familiar with the statistics and did they intend to play up the "Islamic factor" for their own purposes, prior to 2016 US Presidential elections? This is a good question, isn't it?

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

The same: exponential increase since 2011, with guns as the predominant means and weapon: it is the easiest and the least detectable of the means. 

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents
With one correction and comment: these are the "so called lone wolves attacks": most often there are some invisible "packs" or other major wolves behind them: lonely wolves terrorists are not so lonely, which is the indication of some pre-organised and premeditated activity on the part of the someone else. These types of attacks are also easier to organize, to plan and to conceal, with the minimum of a setback or losses, if something goes wrong. 

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

The same: exponential increase since 2011, in both the attacks and the fatalities.

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

Note the two waves which correspond with the beginnings of the Presidential cycles in 2007-2008 and in 2011-2012. 

Image result for US Domestic Terrorism incidents

Terrorism in Western Europe has essentially the same pattern: exponential increase since 2011, or even earlier, from 2009-10, after the Breivick's Oslo- Utaya attack, which probably was the start of the common European - the US wave, following the remarkable lull after the turbulent 1970-s - 1980-s. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents
Two waves: 2006 - 2010, and 2011 - present, roughly corresponding with two waves of the "Domestic Extremist-Related Killings", see above: ("Note the two waves which correspond with the beginnings of the Presidential cycles in 2007-2008 and in 2011-2012"). 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

The simultaneous, virtually the parallel increase in the numbers of terrorist attacks and mass shootings since 2011, while before 2011 this pattern does not appear to be present or is not that clear cut. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

Steady overall increase with four waves: 
2000 - 2004 
2005 - 2008 
2009 - 2011
2011 - present, with data on this graph until 2013. 

These waves roughly correspond with the Russian Presidential cycles (chronologically, not necessarily causally). They might correspond better with the GRU cycles: changes in their fortunes: the periods of rises and declines in this organization's status and strength: 

"Корабельников, уважаемый профессионал, сумел сохранить и закрепить достижения Ладыгина. Однако на рубеже 2008/2009 года военно-политическое руководство страны проводило жесткий «разбор полетов» по итогам победоносной Пятидневной войны с Грузией, вскрывшей целый ряд вопиющих фактов небоеготовности армии и послужившей непосредственным поводом к запуску масштабной военной реформы.
Значительная часть шишек на этом разборе перепала ГРУ. Кроме того, сокращение центрального аппарата разведки и вывод отдельных бригад спецназа из-под ее подчинения в состав отдельных Сил специальных операций (также с сокращением) были одной из ключевых идей реформирования, принятых руководством страны и реализуемых тандемом из министра обороны Сердюкова и начальника Генштаба Макарова.
Корабельников сопротивлялся реализации этих предложений и был вынужден покинуть Хорошевку.
К реформированию ГРУ приступил следующий руководитель, генерал-полковник Александр Шляхтуров. Изменения 2009-2011 годов вызвали недовольство в разведсообществе, и еще большее — среди бывших и действующих военных. Пошли толки о «развале ГРУ» в результате реформ Сердюкова-Макарова.

Справедливости ради отметим, что ряд решений, воплощенных при Шляхтурове, откатили назад при его преемнике Игоре Сергуне, возглавившем военную разведку в конце 2011 года. При Сергуне, в частности, службе пришлось пройти через целый ряд кризисов, включая украинский и сирийский.
Mr. Sergun's exploits after 2011: from 2011 to January 3, 2016, when he, reportedly, died, are not described or detailed in this article. 

 The highest, so far, wave on this graph: 2009 - 2011, coincides with the relatively liberal Medvedev's Presidency, and, if related to the GRU, coincides with its most recent period of relative decline and crisis, as described above in that Russian language piece. With regard to the GRU activities, this period of 2009 - 2011, might be viewed as  somewhat, and at a first glance paradoxically, as the compensatory in nature: to compensate for Medvedev's liberalism and the GRU's relative loss in status, prestige, and strength, and to prove again their usefulness and virility. In 2009 - 2011 they experienced the large (if not the largest in the post-Soviet times) workforce attrition. They compensated, hypothetically, for this loss in numbers with the increased ferociousness and rage, to prove that they are still "productive" and useful. This is just the working assumption, and it needs the further exploration, if required, by the specialists, of which I am not at all. 

The arrests of their spies in 2011 probably signified the lowest point for the GRU. These arrests, related to A. Poteyev's betrayal, might indicate, at least partially, the loss of vigilance and professionalism, with the greater risk taking on their part, although at least some of those arrested were, reportedly, monitored for years previously. This hypothetical connection might be interesting but it does need further and more accurate exploration and analysis. I want to emphasize that this particular correlation between the waves of mass shootings, and in particular with the wave of 2009 - 2011 on this graph and the GRU's relative weakness, remains entirely hypothetical and interpretative, it might or might not correspond to reality, irrespective of any other implied correlations or the sets of evidence. 

The period of the Sergun's leadership of the GRU in 2011-2016 and this leadership's hypothetical association with the wave of 2011-2016, is much more interesting and probably much more significant, but there is practically nothing that it is known about it in the open press. I wonder if anything about it is known at all, including the other than the open sources. It is still very much the darkness, the mystery, and the area of conjectures and speculations, punctuated by the lightning points of interpretations of the particular occurrences, working assumptions, and the reasonable logical connections. No certainty in this "bidniz", never was, never will be. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

From 2011 the episodes of mass shootings became noticeably and statistically more frequent.

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

Unmistakable and very pronounced exponential increase since 2011. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

The periods of the both Bush Jr. and Obama Presidencies are marked by the statistically very sharp increase in the numbers of mass shootings. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

Most of the mass shooters are "mature adults" between the ages of 20 and 45, which might indicate the greater role of the financial incentives rather than "emotional immaturity or instability". 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

The episodes are about equally distributed, centering around the more populated areas and large cities. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents
"Mass shootings did not follow any clear seasonal patterns; rather they occurred fairly regularly and no more than three months passed without a mass ..." , which means that the environmental factors do not really play any significant role. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

About equal geographical distribution throughout the country. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

"There was a noteworthy connection between mass shooting incidents and domestic or family violence. In at least 76 of the cases (57%), the shooter killed a ..." 

The targets are often the persons around the shooter: shootings are indiscriminate.  

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

They go where many people, their targets, are: to the most concentrated and accessible places, which indicates the element of the rational design, planning  and premeditation. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

"Fusion Center Study Finds 79% of Recent Mass Shootings Attributable to History of Mental Illness", with the recent exacerbation, leading to the shooting, being, possibly, hypothetically, more likely to be induced, than spontaneous: there are a lot of mentally ill people, including the acutely ill, who do not shoot. The shooters might or might not be acutely mentally ill, namely "psychotic" during these episodes, but the nature of this "acuteness" remains a question, and it seems to me, that this acute state is more likely to be induced by the variety of known and unknown factors, including the deliberate, outside induction of their acute state or the various manipulations and incentives in combinations with their preexisting mental illness or vulnerabilities. 
Generally speaking, the case studies might be even more informative and significant than the statistical studies. Does the FBI conduct these criminological "post-mortems"? Why doesn't it publish them? We all can learn from them. They also can help in prevention, by identifying the causal factors. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

In most cases the shooters obtain their weapons legally. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

In most cases the weapons are more lethal: semi-automatic, which might indicate the premeditation and advance planning. 

Image result for police officers killed by year

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents

The US, for some reasons, are the indisputable leader in mass shootings, which might indicate, that among the other factors, such as the larger population, it is targeted for this phenomenon deliberately by the outside forces. 

Image result for Mass Shooting incidents
There is a wide discrepancy between the sources of the reports, which affects the interpretations of data and the conclusions of studies. It is difficult to determine which reports are the most accurate (not necessarily the FBI ones), the criteria for the reports and their accuracy might vary significantly. The uniform and standardized approach is needed. 


Image result for police officers killed by year

police officers killed by year

"(CNN)A police officer was killed and another was wounded in a shooting outside a Pittsburgh-area home early Thursday, spurring authorities to evacuate homes and cancel school as officers searched for the shooter, officials said.
This is the seventh US police officer to be shot and killed in the last eight days and the eighth to be killed in that time overall.
And the number of US and Puerto Rican police officers to be shot dead in the line of duty this year is now at least 57 -- that's 16 more than 2015's total, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Here's a look at an especially deadly eight days for police officers..."

2016 through 11.10.16: 57 (approximately on average 66 projected until the end of the year. )

2015 total: 41 (for comparison, with adjustment for the about 2 future months of 2016 remaining, on average for the 10 months of 2015: approximately 35 cases). 
From 2015 to 2016, approximately 60% increase in the numbers of police officers killed in the line of duty, very significant difference. 

2014: "According to statistics collected by the FBI, 96 law enforcement officers were killed in line-of-duty incidents in 2014. Of these, 51 law enforcement officers died as a result of felonious acts, and 45 officers died in accidents. In addition, 48,315 officers were victims of line-of-duty assaults. The 2014 edition of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, released today, includes comprehensive data tables about these incidents, brief narratives describing the fatal attacks, and narratives regarding selected assaults resulting in injury... 
The 51 felonious deaths occurred in 24 states and in Puerto Rico. The number of officers killed as a result of criminal acts in 2014 increased by 24 when compared with the number who were feloniously killed in 2013 (27 officers). The five- and 10-year comparisons show a decrease of five felonious deaths compared with the 2010 figure (56 officers) and a decrease of four deaths compared with 2005 data (55 officers)."

2014: 51 law enforcement officers died as a result of felonious acts

2013: 27 officers feloniously killed

Image result for police officers killed by year

"New FBI statistics show that 72 law enforcement officers were killed criminally in the line of duty in 2011, making it the highest number of police deaths ..." 

Unmistakable, very clear increase in 2008 - 2011, coinciding with Obama's second term: is it when the war on police really started? What factors played the role in its onset? Did the hypothetical organizers feel that they got some type of a "card blanch"? 

Image result for police officers killed by year

Image result for police officers killed by year

Image result for police officers killed by year


Comments to graph below: 
2013: 27 officers feloniously killed
2014: 51 law enforcement officers died as a result of felonious acts
2015: total: 41 
2016 through 11.10.16: 57 (approximately on average 66 projected until the end of the year. )
Image result for police officers killed by year
Image result for Mass Shooting incidents
Two waves: 2008 - 2013 and 2014 - present time. 
2012 - Presidential elections: steady increase 2008 - 2011 (peak), decline after the elections to 2013 (trough). 

Compare these two graphs: 2008 - 2013 waves are practically identical on both graphs, the projected 2013 - 2016 waves will be also most likely identical, and these both waves correspond with the exponential increase in global terrorism activity since 2011. This correlation might be viewed as the confirmation of the thesis that all these three occurrences are the sub-phenomena and the parts of the one and the same phenomenon, which is, most likely not the spontaneous one, but the deliberately induced one. The temporal association of these sub-phenomena, most obviously the police killings and the mass shootings with the US Presidential cycles, more exactly, with the periods of the presidential campaigns, is also clearly present. This thesis is further confirmed by the impression of the presence of the linguistically and other semantically coded messages included in the both types of the episodes. 

In combination with the recent information on Russia' s blatant meddling in the US presidential elections, it might be assumed that the Russian activity plays the significant role in the US police officers' killings and the mass shootings episodes. 

Please, wake up, the people! 
Please, wake up the FBI! 
Other police officers' killings related interesting graphs: 

Image result for police officers killed by year

Image result for police officers killed by year

The question is what proportion of these "traffic related accidents", are in fact, the masked deliberate killings. Apparently, it is very hard to know, but these statistics have to be included into the future studies also, as well as the other types of lethal and non-lethal accidents in the line of duty leading to the police officers' injuries. The interesting detail in this graph is that the numbers for firearms and for traffic accidents go very much in parallel, which confirms the thesis that at least some of these accidents are, in fact, the hidden  or masked killings. 

Image result for police officers killed by year

Image result for police officers killed by year

Image result for police officers killed by year

The number of ambushes is approximately the same as the number of all the other circumstances. And with this evidence you dare to say that there is no  war on police?

Image result for police officers killed by year

Image result for police officers killed by year

Apparently, there is a significant discrepancy between the FBI statistics and the NLEOM statistics, which raises questions and concerns. There cannot be two different versions of the ststistical truth, this is nonsense. This has to be fixed. 

Image result for police officers killed by year


With all this, I want to remind people the old saying: There are lies, damned lies and statistics. Nevertheless, we all use them and for the variety of purposes. They can be helpful in extracting the truth, if we know how to extract it and if we can collaborate our conclusions with other types of evidence, circumstantial or substantive. 


The statistical illustrations of the transportation and other accidents and incidents will follow. 

Michael Novakhov

Image result for viper meaning

"The Sky - Viper" (Thank you) 

(Смотри, Вовчик, прилечу, на верёвке тебя подниму - которая всё вьётся и вьётся и никак не кончится, и - прямо в кабинет к Mr. Comey на собеседование. Он - очень милый, но проницательный человек, и сам во всём разберётся. ?Ujhot) 

11.11.16 - 11.13.16

Canonsburg police shooting


Scott Leslie Bashioum

Russian consulate nyc death



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